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Discussion in 'Movies' started by *Doormouse, Jan 26, 2005.

  1. *Doormouse

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    I went to see the Grateful Dead Movie at the local malco theater. I've seen the flick before, but once more couldn't hurt. It was $12 admission. When we got to the theater all was well, then the audio started blinking on and off for about 5 minutes straight. Then they fixed it but the audio was out of sync. then the film just stopped we got that rainbow+black screen. Bummed us out 'cause we were looking forward to it.
    So the rest of us went and got the money back.
    I felt kinda shitty though, becuase in one light we were demanding a refund from the Grateful Dead Movie, but it wasn't the film, it was the theater.
    but no worries, we took the money and bought some goodies instead
  2. Damn I wish they would show that down here
  3. *Doormouse

    *Doormouse Member

    I'm actually suprised that it was shown here. I live in Arkansas, and ususally the 'liberal' movie are shown in the Fayetteville theater ( the main college town)

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