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Discussion in 'Gay News' started by paradoxgamma, Jun 9, 2006.

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    Famous As a British artist who moved to California (Cancer) ............
    Being, from the early sixties until now, one of Britain's most famous artists Hockney knows everyone including the world of opera since he has designed several operas for Glyndebourne. He had a long affair with Peter Schlesinger (who features in many of his paintings and drawings). Hockney has never lost the opportunity to take advantage of his friends and family in order to find models.
    'The present government are a load of phillistines. And that's not surprising. What is surprising is that they are a lot more phillistine than the last lot.
    for more text and photograph
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    Hockney was on some radio interview fairly recently bitching about smoking controls. His arguments against them were.... awful. But yeah, good painter.

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