gatherings in new england area?

Discussion in 'Rainbow Family' started by anok4uok, Jan 10, 2005.

  1. anok4uok

    anok4uok Member

    last year was my first experience of the gathering, here in ocala, i'm aware they go on yearly around the nation, and even outside, but that's going slightly off topic of my question. can anyone tell me if there are any gatherings held in the new england area, somewhere maybe close to rhode island? i have a friend who came down here over the holidays, and over this time i introduced her to the gathering when i mentioned i was going to the one here in ocala again. she was interested and wanted to experience it, as well as interested to know if there was one in her area (new england/rhode island). i may be moving up their with her. we were hoping to go to one together if there was one around.
  2. WanderingturnupII

    WanderingturnupII Grouchy Old Fart

    BRRRRR! I certainly hope not before about half past April, at the earliest. If you will be at the Ocala Gathering this year, you should be able to find some folks from up in NERFland without too much trouble.
  3. anok4uok

    anok4uok Member

    i was assuming if anything, that they'd have to be around summer time. it would definately seem rediculous for a winter gathering in that part of the country, haha.

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