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    Toke of the Town ‏@TokeOfTheTown
    Here's an excerpt from "The Weed Runners: Travels With the Outlaw Capitalists of America's Medical Marijuana Trade."

    TransformDrugPolicy ‏@TransformDrugs
    Grow your own pot: Mexico City may legalise cultivation: Sydney Morning Herald

    Toke of the Town ‏@TokeOfTheTown
    Smoke a joint, go to jail? Not too much anymore. Not in California. via @dennisjromero

    techdirt ‏@techdirt
    DailyDirt: Better Biofuels To Save The Day

    TransformDrugPolicy ‏@TransformDrugs 1h
    Drug policy reform in Latin America (pdf): detailed analysis in new @IDPCnet briefing paper

    TransformDrugPolicy ‏@TransformDrugs 8h
    Marijuana, Sex and Amsterdam: Anti-prohibitionist economist Jeffrey Miron on his Dutch holiday

    Wow! John McCain says: "Maybe we should legalize. We're certainly moving that way as far as marijuana is concerned,"

    Lori Fadial ‏@guidogirl1 7h
    "@HuffingtonPost: Hawaii GMO debate gets apocalyptic " @TheRealRoseanne

    Here Are All The People Who Have Died From A Marijuana Overdose via @HuffPostPol

    People Killed By The War On Drugs via @HuffPostPol

    TransformDrugPolicy ‏@TransformDrugs 8h
    Telegraph: The drugs bubble no one can burst: lots on harms, zero on how prohibition causes them

    Bill Maher ‏@billmaher 1h
    We finally found a use for the irrational, psychotic Republican hate for Obama: stopping us getting into the Syrian War. Thanks, prejudice!

    Erowid Center ‏@erowid 1h
    "DEA’s Pot Seizures Down More Than 60 Percent Since 2010."

    RT: @KenCuccinelli would you support medical marijuana? Decriminalization? You can end the arrest of 18k a year at cost of 67mil #AskKen

    RT: @TerryMcAuliffe would you support medical marijuana? Decriminalization? You can end the arrest of 18k a year at cost of 67mil #AskTerry

    NORML ‏@NORML 1h
    PA followers have you seen @NORML's interview with John Hanger @hangergovernor? Running for Democrat nom. for #PA #governor. #LegalizeBy2017

    This Week in Racism

    Feminist ‏@_Feminist 2 Sep
    #TheBurningTimes. Outstanding Doc. on the HIStory of Witch Burnings. #GoddessCulture"]The Burning Times (Complete Documentary) - YouTube …

    Rehab Industry Unhappy With Justice Dept. Pot Memo

    Democracy Now! ‏@democracynow 5h
    Report: Tulsa Charter School Sends African-American Girl Home for Her Dreadlocks

    Ed Rosenthal ‏@edrosenthal 9h
    Looking forward to hearing former Mexican President Vicente Fox speak at INTCHE. Should be very interesting. https://www.************/edrosenthal/posts/402799183154563

    A post from last week. Still good: 10 Reasons Marijuana is Better For You Than Alcohol
    Poverty can lower your IQ,
    Almost All Rural Whites are In Poverty

    A 'willful disregard of federal drug laws.' Feds surrender on marijuana policy in Colo. & Wash.

    Feds surrender on marijuana policy * SoB facebook

    Every SoBab I have ever met was a PLINO's Pro Life in Name Only...

    Wall Street's Pesticide Abortionists... Not Hemp...

    Actually, I believe to follow Jesus, you have to be anti Christian.

    Ancient Temple Hashish Incense! Did Jesus Inhale?

    The Massive Racial Disparities In Arrests For Pot Possession

    Ganjawareness/Ganjawarnews ecp
    Ganjawarnews.Ganjawareness Twitter ecp
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    Ethan Nadelmann ‏@ethannadelmann 9m
    Read what Maia Szalavitz & Julie Holland say re "four myths about Molly" .

    Cannabis Culture ‏@CannabisCulture
    Seven Questions the 'Senate Cannabis Committee' Should Ask the Obama Administration

    Democracy Now! ‏@democracynow
    Documents in David House Case Reveal How U.S. Seizes Laptops at Airports to Avoid Need for Warrant
    Expand ‏@DrugPolicyFacts
    More proof prohibition is a #fail: @UNODC early warning system records rapid increase in legal highs in 2013 … #DrugWar

    Cannabis Culture ‏@CannabisCulture
    Private Plane Pilots Face Warrantless Drug Searches

    ACLU National ‏@ACLU
    How the gov't used border security checks to search the laptop of a #Manning supporter without a warrant.

    [Trailer] Hamilton's Pharmacopeia - The Ambien Effect

    Thirty Tons of Hash Set Ablaze? A Pothead’s Lament

    Just Say Now ‏@JustSayNow
    DOJ Admits Regulated Marijuana Industry can be Preferable to the Black Market via @JustSayNow ‏@stopthedrugwar
    The issue of access to banking services has been raised throughout the hearing, both by senators and by witnesses.

    Russ Belville ‏@RadicalRuss
    Senators seem to want to talk to the sheriff in Seattle and lawyer in Denver more than the rehabitionist @KevinSabet.

    Diane Goldstein ‏@dianemgoldstein
    California Medical Marijuana Regulation Bill Seeks To End Federal Crackdown

    MPP Marijuana Policy ‏@MarijuanaPolicy
    WA sheriff: once marijuana is sold in regulated stores, people will no longer solicit marijuana from "sketchiest guy on the block" ‏@stopthedrugwar
    Kevin Sabet finds Deputy AG Cole's recent guidance "disturbing," says admin should stop Big Marijuana.

    Drug Policy Alliance ‏@DrugPolicyNews
    Sheriff Urquhart: 35 years in law enforcement, 12 of which in narcotics, and he SUPPORTS legalization/regulation!

    Narco News ‏@Narco_News
    RT @omckelligan: Mexico Review is out! … ▸ Top stories today via @fuelfreedomnow @SonoraG_Prime @Narco_News ‏@stopthedrugwar
    King County Sheriff Urquhart: "My experience shows me the drug war has been a failure... I support I-502.

    Thank you John Urquhart (Sheriff of King County, WA) for your remarks today! We couldn't have said it better...

    Neill Franklin ‏@NeillFranklin
    I encourage more law enforcement leaders to follow the lead of Sheriff Urquhart. Time to end this failed policy. @TheIACP

    Dr. Bronner's Soaps ‏@DrBronner
    Everyone part of the change on cannabis in the USA should check out and be proud we're getting results.

    Adam Eidinger ‏@aeidinger
    Are you as glued to #Senate Marijuana hearings as I am. History is being made it seems. @DrBronner @DCMJ2014

    Neill Franklin ‏@NeillFranklin
    I applaud the courage of Sheriff Urquhart. Thank you Sheriff!

    Drug Policy Alliance ‏@DrugPolicyNews
    Sens. Whitehouse & Blumenthal are on the right track - the marijuana industry needs the same protections as other legitimate businesses.

    Neill Franklin ‏@NeillFranklin
    Sheriff Urquhart testifies, "Respect the will of the people. Law enforcement has let them down. They want to try a new way."

    Drug Policy Alliance ‏@DrugPolicyNews
    Sherriff John Urquhart says "the war on drugs has been a failure." Wants to be able to enforce new marijuana laws and respect will of voters

    Marijuana Majority ‏@JoinTheMajority
    Sheriff who supports #marijuana legalization testifying before US Senate. Says "war on drugs has been a failure." ‏@stopthedrugwar
    Cole is done. Now for King County WA sheriff, a Colorado official, and Kevin Sabet.

    algebra works ‏@colorsofalgebra
    @JoinTheMajority for the #PrisonIndustry #KOCHBROTHERS war on drugs success but not for families

    Neill Franklin ‏@NeillFranklin
    Sheriff Urquhart testifies, "The war on drugs has been a failure." ‏@stopthedrugwar
    Sen Whitehouse asks about not prosecuting banks over marijuana business -- Cole says only if a fed enforcement priority comes up. ‏@stopthedrugwar
    Deputy AG Cole: Preemption lawsuit not a good idea because marijuana would be legal in CO and WA but with no regs. ‏@stopthedrugwar
    Sen. Grassley: "Marijuana is a dangerous and addictive drug....we could see a Starbucks of marijuana..." ‏@stopthedrugwar
    "I don’t think federal prosecutors should be pursuing low level users of marijuana complying with [state law]."

    Neill Franklin ‏@NeillFranklin
    DOJ to address banking problems in CO & WA with regulators for #marijuana business owners. @SenatorLeahy hearing.

    Drug Policy Alliance ‏@DrugPolicyNews
    Public interest for today's Senate marijuana hearing was so overwhelming they had to move the hearing room! And still couldn't fit everyone!

    Patrick Gallahue ‏@PatrickGallahue
    Prohibition of #marijuana has contributed to soaring #prison population in US and disproportionately affected minorities - Sen Leahy

    Drug Policy Alliance ‏@DrugPolicyNews
    No good hashtag out there, but search "senate marijuana" and click on "All" to follow the conversation. Watch live:

    ACLU National ‏@ACLU
    HAPPENING NOW: Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on conflicts between state and federal #marijuana laws:

    Neill Franklin ‏@NeillFranklin
    Sen Leahy's hearing on #marijuanalegalization now underway. Should we allow legalization to move forward? @SenatorLeahy

    Further medical marijuana progress in New Jersey:

    Drug Policy Alliance ‏@DrugPolicyNews
    Co-Chair of Colorado marijuana task force, Jack Finlaw, is confident in CO's new robust regulatory scheme.

    ACLU National ‏@ACLU
    RT @kdrum: No Warrant? No Worries! The Immigration Service is Your Friend.

    Just Say Now ‏@JustSayNow
    DOJ Claims It Is Trying to Address the Problem of Marijuana Banking via @JustSayNow

    "For the 1st time in modern history, members of US Congress were testifying to the merits of cannabis legalization” - ‏@procon_org
    ProCon White Board:
    ►D.A.R.E. revenues dropping
    ►19 drone strikes in 2013
    ►More loans than grants for students

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