G Love And Special Sauce

Discussion in 'Music' started by stoneyJasmine, Jan 22, 2005.

  1. stoneyJasmine

    stoneyJasmine Member

    So who here listens or has heard G LOVE? my close friends cant seem to appreciate them . I personally think they are awsome. I was just wondering what eveyone else thought.
  2. consolidated

    consolidated Banned

    Yes indeed, very good music.. Coast To Coast Motel is a great album..
  3. g love and the ss are awesome, listen to them all the time....too bad everytime they come to indy where i live they're in the night clubs that i cant get in :(
  4. ~jane_says~

    ~jane_says~ Member

    hell yessss...g love and special sauce...no one I know appreciates them either...I love this group...jane
  5. madcrappie

    madcrappie crazy fish

    I always wondered what their name means :p
  6. howl

    howl Member

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