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    Sam finally arrived to the hotel. The european trip has been exciting, but he was so tired that all he wanted is to take a shower, unwind and go to bed. The rate for the hotel room was too good to be true, he thought as he picked up the key from the desk person. Sam was thinking about the nice comfortable bed and didn't pay attention to what the desk person was saying, half in english half in a language that didn't make sense to him.
    Nice!!! he thought as he opened the room's door and entered into a room smelling like laundry detergent mixked with wooden furniture.
    He turned the lights on, took his jacket off... as he finally could relax... the first thing came into his relaxed head was the image of the woman who sat next to him on the flight... she was in her 20's probably, brunette, got all the right curves in all the right places... minus a bra.... that should be a legal for her size he thought, but then thought that should be the LAW... she had either c's or D's... he recalled how he wanted to pass by her out of his window seat but change his mind last second cause of a big bulge in his pants arised has he got up and had a deep view from the top... over her tight and so buttoned up top shirt...
    He had a smile on his face as he undress on his way into the bathroom, seeing that his hard cock hasn't forgot about that woman...
    he got into the tub and closed the curtain... before it fell off the hooks sliding bar! and onto the floor... Sam laughed... as he turned to water on in the curtain less shower... he grabbed the soap and lather it up in the water, step abit out the water shower spary, and rubbed the soap all over his hard cock... ahhhh... he moaned quietly... he rubbed some more new lathered soap across the top of his shaft closer to the tip... this time he moaned abit louder, as he found himself panting as a sensation bordering between pleasure and torture flooded his enitre body... As he was enjoiyng his sexual "high", a door, a 2nd door into the bathroom that Sam didn't notice, was being opend slowly... 2 girls heads leering into the bathroom. The door was to his side so he didn't notice as the water rushing down. They on the other hand... noticed him and his amazingly hard erection, and everthing else that was going on... they were wearing a skimpy shorts and tops, as they looked! glrared! tried to hold thier laugh at some point when he was making this quiver movement with is body when he tried to stop him self from cumming in order to prolong the experience... when he made this funny painfull expression on his face, one of the girl burst in laughter tripping into the bathroom as the other girl pushed her in.

    To be continued...

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