Fun Facts: Weed for the New Kids

Discussion in 'Marijuana Price Watch' started by Baby McNasty, Mar 9, 2008.

  1. Baby McNasty

    Baby McNasty Member

    Real Prices in Austin, TX [note: If the prices you pay exceed these below, in the Austin area, you are probably getting ripped off]

    For Small Time Dealers (These prices may be arbitrary due to differn't distributing reasons)

    (Good Dank and above)

    20$-25$ for a gram
    Total Profit= 0$

    60$-70$ for an 1/8 (3.5 Grams) approx. 17$ a Gram/3$ made on each gram
    Total Profit= 10$

    90$-110$ for a 1/4 (7 Grams) approx. 14$ a Gram/6$ made on each gram
    Total Profit= 42$

    For Smokers (Prices above are fixed DO NOT try haggling with people)

    The Gram: A Twenty Dollar Purchase (Tax included) for the casual/once a week smoker. The Gram is notorious for getting 3-5 people high in a good ol' fashion game of Mexican Sweat or to just chill outside by your lonesome and release bad JuJu and stress with a fat ass 'Rillo' (a Swisha Sweet, gutted and filled with a full gram of Chronic.) "A bowl a day keeps the doctor away."

    The Eighth: With seemingly magnanomous stature for its small size. 'The Eighth' is the perfect closing of a business deal or a small get-together with old friends on a long weekend. For the Vets. the eighth is grand for Pre/Post Events to make the time seem alot more fun and add under their belt of stories that start off as "Dude... we were so high..." or "We woke up in this dumpster right...?"

    The Half: Going on a trip to a tropical island? or (God forbid) You're going to see the inlaws for a week? :ack: Well, Pack the Towel, a friend and
    'The Half'. A beautiful pick for Marley fest. Nuff' said.

    The Ounce: For the rich kid only! Unless you are slanging, looking for loads of trouble or just felt like blowing 350$ for a party, 'The Ounce' is not for you. Though it is impossible to be addicted to this beautiful drug, it is very easy to become dependent on it. For smokers, 'The Ounce', has alot of risk that comes secondary with it's goodness.

    For the real noobs:

    there are three general types of weed and enough sub types to create an exact replica of the Statue of Liberty (which we will not discuss.)

    The First: Shwag- Known for being really mutha' fuckin' cheap and bulky. This is the stuff 70% of pot heads first got their ignent lil' hands on, not knowing that 'Shwag' is filled with pesticides that cause acne, migranes, tounge, throat, and lung cancer (and the least of your worries) slight tummy-aches. Stay as far away from this as possible! It is a very common misconception that due to shwag's low prices it will get more people high and have more money in your pocket. False. to give some figures, it would cost you about 10 dollars (realisticly) to get 3 people high (a pesticide high not a THC high.) And 20 dollars of dank to get roughly six people high. About even right? So now it is your prefrence, sickening headace high or healthy happy high.*thumbs up*

    Moving right along: KB- mainly prefrence based, so, facts are vague. KB is an organic canibus plant grown in a 'lazy' enviroment causing it to not harvest correctly. At times the plant may be over experimented with and still sold. Not a lot to say about this type of weed, because I try to stay away from it. I advise accordingly.

    And last but definately not least: Dank- The Crowd Fav. Pure, Organic, Healthy Dank, believed to be a gift of God himself. Getting people high all over the earth. Unanamously the best stuff out there nuff' said.

    I'm Blazed out of my mind typing this but I'll post it anyways.:hysterica
  2. tothedome1

    tothedome1 Member

    your use of the word 'dro' is completly wrong, and you act like you know all this shit about bud....
  3. Hilder

    Hilder The Ganja Queen

    whatever. as long as it gets me high, I dont give a shit what its called. I refuse to believe what you have to say about shwag. I've been smoking for 7 years, and never has any of my weed given me acne, migranes or stomach aches, not has it to all the people I know, some who have been smokers of nothing but shwag for 40 years. I smoke dank, and yes, I average about a 1/4 for 120 for Northern Lights and I smoke it often, but when you pretend to know everything, it just gets annoying. Just smoke ur weed, or go try to find some. that post hurt my head.
  4. Spliffyman420

    Spliffyman420 Member

    I'll give it to him though, what he said about a gram, eighth etc. was pretty funny. other than that, this kid is full of shit. Ignorance of the fact that people on these forums probably know more about weed than you do wont make you any friends.
  5. Brady_to_Moss

    Brady_to_Moss Member

    65-70 for 1/8?? i pay 30 for an 1/8 here in mass
  6. Baby McNasty

    Baby McNasty Member

    Oh well sorry I bored you guys, it does seem a bit 'lecturey.' And I couldn't agree more about the "just smoke your weed," but, when I first started smoking this kind of info would have helped a lot. Thanks for the feed-back. Oh and sorry if I offended Hidler Just every time I smoke schwag those side effects happen but never with anything else. I guess it just depends on how your body responds to it.

    I vow to stop acting like I know everything about bud, when, in actuality... I don't.
  7. marksup123

    marksup123 I'm a girl!

    FINALLY i got someone beat. I only pay 20 an 1/8. I always feel like I'm getting ripped off with all these people who are like ZOMG15ANEIGHTH I REFUSE TO PAY ANY MORE OR I KNOW I'M GETTING RIPPED OFF.

  8. Hilder

    Hilder The Ganja Queen

    I wasnt offended hon, just that generalization that you posted up there, as you said is "for the new kids" and noobs are gullible. my best friend smokes weed, shwagg to relive the migraines that the strongest nerve inhibitor cant. I had to say something. I dunno how yall get an eight of exotics for 30 dollars. We talking known strains or just someone saying its some "dank"? as yall know, the more people's hands the weed crosses, the more the price increases, Ive never scored anything cheaper than 45 an eight for some grapefruit kush. it cant just be texas, got a buddy in cali who gets what I get and for the same price if not more expensive.
  9. smokin0matt

    smokin0matt Member

    I LOVE WEED, dont get me wrong... dro, dank, the purple sticky... it's all gooood... but i'll stick to my 30's... ($30 an 1/8) just because i tend to smoke too much all at once with the good shit because of the delay of the high... my 30's are just fine... OH and if your paying 90-110 for a 1/4 of dank... u need to find a new dealer... just sayin.... and to marksup... paying 20$ an 1/8 is a good deal!! but think about upgrading just a tad... comursh ("schwag") is alright sometimes when u cant find quality, but it messes with your tolerance, because u have to smoke alot more of it to get high... and FYI not a newb... 8yrs ang going strong =))

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