fuck you fuck yo ucuntbag ****** faces

Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by IWinEitherWayBitch, May 15, 2007.

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    All the fucken women on the forum were telling me not to generalize them, not to stereotype them, that they weren't all the same.

    You know what you just prove that are all the fucken same. Wolves in sheep clothing. Hypocrites.

    When you can't win out on logic and reasoning, you resort to brute force, oh but you got a lot to say when I lost it and punched my girlfriend. And you don't give a fuck about right or wrong, you only give a fuck about your own agenda, your own stupid, sexist, feminazi put-men-down agenda. Where were the mods to ban lynsey and TCF when they were constantly fucken flamin' me up in every thread of mine? Nowhere, even though I asked for their help several, SEVERAL times. Oh, but I get banned for telling them to fuck off and leave me alone.

    Oh, and what about the first time I was banned, on LotusBlossom. I was being flamed by a MOD for about a week, and I eventually told him off, and got banned. No mod was there to help me despite all my reports.

    You fucken bitches suck. You're all fucken sexist, selfish little cuntbags. You know out of this whole fucken site there's only a few people I actually got along with. The people who don't stick their nose in other people's shit and have little fucken pecking parties and gang up on people.

    Samhain I really hope everyone was right when they tought me that what goes around comes around... but in a way I feel bad, because that means you're gonna have a fucken dry corncob shoved up your stupid ass and fireants poured into your ****. I really hope something really bad happens to you; like, I really hope that you fall onto a pike, like a really long pike that pokes up threw your stinky manhating **** oriface and all the way out your throat, and I hope your fucken black heart comes out your mouth and the crows peck at it. I really fucken hope you die a horrible death.

    What the fuck did I ever do so wrong. I had a different opinion about feminism? I exposed a bunch of fallacies? Wow, yea, I'm evil. I shook up some people's foundation and threatened the status quo. I though that's what fucken hippies were all about, but I guess not. I guess that's just the front.

    Fuck ya'll. I dont even care. I'll make new names just to fuck with you. You think I give a fuck about hipforum? 3 years and 6 main names banned, and over 50 minor names by now. Shit, I GOT half a dozen sleeper handles that I haven't even touched yet, some of which I made a year ago. I'll still talk to my friends one way or another.

    Fuck you bitch. Whatcha gonna do when I change my IP and post under a different handle and disguise my syntax? HUH? LOL You lose this battle... hands down.

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