Fuck The Police: Examined

Discussion in 'Anarchy' started by Shane99X, Jun 27, 2006.

  1. Shane99X

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    great article i found at CrimethInc

  2. Shane99X

    Shane99X Senior Member

    Fuck The police: Examined Coninued:

  3. Shane99X

    Shane99X Senior Member

    How To Fuck the Police continued:

  4. Shane99X

    Shane99X Senior Member

    How To Fuck the Police conclusion:

  5. yes, because cops are evil, horrible people.
    wow, paranoid much.
    There are good cops, and bad cops. In the end, they're enforcing the law and protecting people. its the assholes that ruin it, but I've had experiences with good cops too who have helped me. there are cops out there who will put their life out on the line for you even after you spew out all this crap.
    so who do YOU call when your loved ones are murdered, you're in trouble, or your shit gets stolen?

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