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  1. Hello. I found you all while googling eco villages and communes. From the tropics of south eastern florida and have reached a zenith in my life that has become tiresome of the 9 to 5 (or in my case the 4am to 7pm and working weekends). Perhaps people will call me nuts but I've decided that I will throw it all away in my personal journey for a simple living to be amongst nature.

    My skills will probably be useful to some community at some point. Mechanical engineering, licensed in air conditioning, and as a hobby for nearly all my life I've practiced herbalism and identifying wild foods. Make all my own natural medicine, feed myself from plants that are not in our cultivar, and some fermenting (yogurt, cheese, alcohol).

    Will enjoy reading the forum and getting to know some of you. Thanks for having me.
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    Even though I am young I have thought about this same thing and think it would be really cool. Dont worry about others thinking your crazy if its something that you really want to do you should go for it. If you ask me you have guts because most people would be really scared to try this because its not really a common idea in todays society and would most likely be criticized by todays society.

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