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Discussion in 'Dreams' started by InTheFlesh, May 11, 2004.

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    I recently had a dream as follows:
    I was in a large city, such as New york. I was standing with a group of people, some of which I knew. Someone was telling us that there was a huge monster flying around the city. It seemed like the whole town was slightly disturbed by this. We were sent to kill it/capture it (with a huge paper folder by the way). We were then at the top of a skyscraper holding the folder open to catch the flying creature(this creature was pretty big, about a 18 ft wingspan). All of a sudden when it was circling the building, I ran into a small structure on top of the building and hid. I went back out and they were still waiting for it. It was coming again and I ran inside again. When I came out nothing was there except on the ground(you know when ants get killed they shrivel up and bleed stuff) is what looked like small people, but there were not as many people as when we began, so it ate some of them. It was pretty scary when I realized that I was alone. Can anyone analyze this dream for me?
  2. InTheFlesh

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    Anyone wanna take a swing at this one? Anybody?
  3. Moving_cloud

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    Hi InTheFlesh

    the dream asks you to face yourself and the changes you are going through without fears and find they only become as big as the monsters of your own making. But then you are the hero of your own making, too, and just looking out for experiences that make you feel like being very much alive.

    You are all parts of the dream unknown and known. The paper folder is about the attempt to understand. The monster is about understanding.

    So the fear even helps you to understand the changes forming and deforming your world right in front of you in only one breath. Just try to not suffer from fear and not blame it either but make it a tool instead to help you wake up, be it in dreams or daylight, without expecting to much how this might feel like.

    Maybe just like a wonderful strange adventure. Thank you for sharing your dream!
  4. InTheFlesh

    InTheFlesh Member

    Thank you for that brilliant interpetation! It's starting to make sense now.

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