Freinds' radical perspective change.

Discussion in 'LSD - Acid Trips' started by lordcthulhu, Jan 3, 2005.

  1. lordcthulhu

    lordcthulhu Member

    Okay, recentally my dealer(freinds' dealer also) bought a small amount of acid to try and sell. About 5 of my freinds including my dealer took the acid( first acid trip for all of them) and ALL of them got the same or extreamly similar perspective change out of the expirience. ALL of them have stopped doing drugs and my dealer even sold all his bongs, bowls, and his scale. My other freind was also trying to sell his bowl and bong as fast as he could becuse he said he was "ashamed of owning them." Also note, however, they just took it two nights ago and the last time i talked to them was yesterday mourning when it was clearly still in their system. My freind was slurring words and trying to "put his finger on a thought he just couldn't identify" My dealer said he was already feeling kind of stupid for selling his bong, but he says he doesn't regret it. I kept telling my freind that it'll all be different once all the acid was out of his system, but I'm really not sure. He thinks that all drugs are bad and that he has to "re-build the damage that has already been done." So can someone tell me if this perspective change is going to last? I mean it's great that they think they schould get their shit together and respect themselves more, we could actually all use a little more of that, but we used to have alot of fun going out into the woods or wherever and smoking.
  2. Archemetis

    Archemetis Senior Member

    acid is an incredibly powerful substance...and i wouldnt doubt if their changes are permanent, if it really played into their trip.
  3. LostChord

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    well how much did they take.. especially on 1st times, overdose (as in way more then your ready to handle and more then you want to handle) can be real easy.. and I notice that after a week mose effects are real faint.. then by close to a month pretty much fine... except your newly aquired knowledge...its very posible that something happened so intense that it will stick with them and always be a thought on the side.. since theres a good chance they dont actually 'think' the same anymore..and its also posible that it was imprinted into their ego from an experience

    lsd has a strong tendency to change people in one way or more... but the ego also has a tendency to regain those extra bits of control over time..
  4. modestsmoker

    modestsmoker Member

    i think everyones changed specailly since it was first time and proboly hard

    if there all changed in the same way perhaps an event happend when they all were around each other

    the power of Psychedelics
  5. LostChord

    LostChord Member

    usually very strong bonds (tho sometimes also great distancing..) between those in a session with each other is very common
  6. curdled

    curdled Member

    Acid really allows you to get in touch with your inner spirituality and really allows you to think without superficialities. When I did it for my first time I had all these realisations about things I've never really thought of before. A few of these things were "The most important thing and the best thing we can do is connect." When two people allow themselves to express their emotions and show their personality without a mask of superficialities. Another thing I thought of was that drinking is stupid (even though I used to drink all the time before that) because it really doesn't allow you to be yourself the way acid does. It just makes you lose all inhibitions, sure.. but you still aren't your true self, and you still don't express your emotions and true personality like you would when the superficial mask is gone... anyways... I told myself I'd stop drinking, and now that I'm not in that state of mind right now, I'm unsure that I can go through with that. I know it would be the right thing, because when you're on acid or mushrooms you have all these realizations you write down and try to remember, but you just disregard it as something the drug made you say later on. So I probably will still drink, but I know that I was smarter when I was on acid and it would be the right thing to not do it anymore. And also, I wish I still had all the sincerity and dedication to 'connecting' with people like I did when I was on acid, but now these superficialities are back... so in conclusion, I think your friends will probably still continue toking, unless they really stick to what they were thinking when they were on acid (which would probably be the right thing to do). It really doesn't alter your mind and make you make 'stupid' decisions in the way that alcohol does, it makes you realise things that you have never realised before and be more aware of things.
  8. Keramptha

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    my mate rosie told me of HER mate....... anyway the story is of a guy who took a $90 cocktail and never 'came back' went to a loony bin lol. i love that word.
    I took acid once and all that happened was i walked for miles, and paralysed half of my face for a day. oh yes.... and there ws that part the next day when all i could see in my mind was a big pink, 'LA!' and the loss of ability to posess any other thought structure or identity...or cause to speak...
    years later in some hebrew poetry i found out what the la means- 'nothing'
    sums up the trip really. in an inexplicably good way. the abscence of anything lasting or labelled. however... if that trip had lasted a lifetime, i wouldn't have spoken to anybody... just looked at them quizzically and laughed alot...hmm maybe not so bad.
  9. I was with a seasoned (I'm talking like, uber-druggie here) kid who lost it, had the worst trip I've seen, then went to a church while still tripping, wanted to get baptised, talked to the priest, and stopped doing all drugs. Last I heard he was sticking with it.

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