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    I usually don't write poems that don't rhyme, but i decided to try something this time...this poem is kinda written to myself, by myself,but its for everyone......and don't mind the bad grammer or spelling and all. Grammer and spelling doesn't matter when you write things!:p Tell me what you think!

    Let yourself be free, shake loose all worries, all cares,fears and limits,
    No laws or rules apply, do what you feel, it doesn't have to make sense to anyone else, it doesn't have to be approved by anyone at all! Don't let anyone tell you how to be,who cares what they think?! You are the only one who would care, but remeber, let go of your little pointless cares..
    Look on the bright side, Just enjoy your day, no matter how it started, how it's going, or how it ends. Don't be controlled, don't even control yourself, go crazy! Wild! Doesn't matter what you want to call it, because there isn't really words to describe feelings. Don't even try to live up to anybody's expectations. Why copy everyone else to be accepted? Accept yourself for who you are, and what you beileve in, dont follow the crowd! You don't want to waste time in college? Then don't. Spend your precious time however you want. Don't want to be trapped in a dead-end job? They don't. You don't want to be a wallstreet business person or a fashion designer. Have some fun. Fun never goes out of style. Tired of people pressuring you to make money to be successful? Don't listen, money doesn't equal true happiness. Even though that might be hard to get into your thick skull, because it seems that everyone who has money is powerful,admired and perfect and better. Prove that wrong. Money does not equal success. Success is being happy, no matter what. Don't focus on what other matieral things that other's have, be thankful for what you've been blessed with. Be random. Say whatever is on your mind. Dont just stick with one idea. Go back and forth, up and down, inside and out, upside down and swirl all around. Be colorful. Smile at the rainbow. The world is filled with the different shades. From nature to people. Maybe even colors you could never imagine. Flurocent, neon, dark, pastel, shiny, colors. Feel the breeze. Feel the rain. Let the sun soak into your skin. Go barefoot if you feel like it. Feel everything, the soft sand, the dewy grass, even the dirty streets and sidewalks. Wiggle your toes and run around. Stop wearing those awful things, called bras. Set those babies free! Do the shimmy without shame and jump around! Might as well just go naked, huh? If you got the guts to show your beautiful body God gave you. Let your hair down, wash your hair with the bee's honey and sweet smelling flowers. Your hair doesn't have to be perfect, just leave it! Wear make up if you want, sure, people might think your hiding your face and your not self confident to go out with out any make up on, but you know what? They just aren't self confident to paint their face with ruby red lips and torquise green eyeshadow. No need to look like a clown though, just as long as your happy as clowns seem to be. Listen to music, not just what you can get on the radio, or what you hear from other people's cars or what music videos you see. But to the birds' chirping, the leaves swirling around thru the wind, the waves crashing, the crickets sound at midnighht, your knuckles cracking all in a row, the thoughts singing in your mind. Shut your mouth once in a while and listen. Listen to other people and their ideas and opinons and respect them. Get to know other peoples' lives and let them know your life. Rember your night dreams, they might mean something, or they might not. Indulge in daydreams, how lovely a lazy summer afternoon daydream can be. Anything is possiable in dreams. Yes, beileve in them, because dreams can come true. Even when they do come true, you might not even realize it, because you could still feel like you're dreaming. Let today and everyday take you wherever it may take you. Do the most you can each day. But you can't do everything in one day, so don't feel bad. Please don't worry. Know the truth. Get to know yourself. Know you're freedom, whatever that may be. Set yourself free.....................

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    very nice, nice message, however its not really poetry! but that doesnt matter its still expression!

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