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    For anyone here sends me a PM or email at with their address and a sample request I will send you a FREE sample of Treasure Tea! No conditions apply, I ask nothing in return, and I would be glad to send anybody who wants a sample of this amazing tea to them for free of charge. No shipping costs or anything.

    Treasure Tea is a great candida cleanser(which can aid weight loss and clarity of thought) and a potent immune system tonic... and with a little bit of stevia added, it tastes amazing without any added sugar.

    "The benefits are what make this tea such a treasure. A full three grams of Rainforest herbs go into each bag for the complete impact of the energy of the Amazon. We carefully combine the separate ingredients in a complimentary, potent recipe to provide you with balanced vitality and maximum clarity.* Even the grind of herbs is calculated for the best flavor and the fastest delivery of enjoyment.

    Rainforest Treasure Tea contains Tahari(Pau D Arco), Chanca Pedra, Stevia, and Chuchuhuasi, as well as strong concentrates of Jatoba and Una de Gato(Cat's Claw). Rainforest Treasure Tea is an excellent way to deliver these products to your body quickly. "

    And if you think your friends would want a FREE sample of treasure tea sent out to them too, you are welcome to forward this to them and have them e-mail me here or at!

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