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Discussion in 'Psychic' started by DrewSpeaksTrue, Jun 15, 2013.

  1. Hey, I'm not psychic just a earth goddess worshiping hippy dude who loves doing tarot readings and I've been told by friends my readings usually leave them with something to think about so I'm offering a chance to all of you.

    All I need from you is your Star sign, and ask me your question and I will be more than glad to tell you the reading.

    Peace and blessings,
  2. RainyDayHype

    RainyDayHype flower power Lifetime Supporter

    I'm a sagittarius born december 2, 1985...
    I don't have a specific question, can you just do a general reading? or do I need to have a question?..
  3. Peace and blessings, I did a reading and hopefully theres something in it to benefit you.

    The cards imply to me you have a secure environment but you may find experiencing renewal to be tedious and pointless and maybe out of reach. Your past experiences will be the most valuable thing to you at this point in life - those past experiences are a great asset to you.

    In your past you may have been boxed in from experiencing individuality to the fullest and be ready to multi task because it looks like you will be learning to juggle multiple things.

    It looks like you have a positive outlook and that will lead to being bountiful, but it seems you have some internal anxiety that some kind of proverbial shoe will drop.

    You like things to be fair and right in situations and it looks like you may have to put extraordinary effort into something in the near future so keep the positive attitude to get through it.

    I hope this leaves you with something to relate to,
    Peace and blessings,
  4. RainyDayHype

    RainyDayHype flower power Lifetime Supporter

    trying to stay positive..
    it's rather difficult at the moment
  5. stardustdxb

    stardustdxb Guest

    I am Virgo born 30 August 1973

    What is going on in my marriage right now.

    Thank you xx
  6. Peace and Blessings, I did a basic relationship spread and here is what was shown to me.

    On your half of the relationship it indicated secrets and mysteries so it could be suggesting your withholding something. On the half of your partner the card indicated a situation of ill intentions.(could be something like an unresolved argument creating bad vibes) A trait of the Virgo comes with a very practical nature but they can be a little uptight tending to aim for perfection, they also tend to grin and bear trials with a smile. (dont be afraid to communicate openly instead of bottling it up to keep up appearances)
    However. your relationship seemed to have taken you on an emotional journey/transformation in the beginning and at the moment you both have a great deal of strength and if confronted in the future you both will have the strength to fight for the relationship.

    Good vibes your way,
  7. Hi,

    Born April 20 exactly on the cusp of Aries/Taurus.

    Can you tell me about work and money?

    Thank you!
  8. As for a career, someone on your cusp will have no problem finding a career because Aries/Taurus cusp born folks have a great deal of strength (mental, emotional).
    Im not sure if you have a current job or are searching but the gist I get from this reading is that when you find the right job you will have a great deal of personal happiness and satisfaction. The cards indicate you will have to be quite industrious but once you start getting your ducks in a line I see good fortune.
    It looks like travel or a journey could motivate you to seek a better opportunity but keep your emotions in check and be economical so your finances can be in a better place.
    If you behave with tact and skill you can stay ahead of ill intentioned co workers but be open to opportunity because opportunity will bring about change.

    Hope this helps in any little way,
    Peace and blessings,
  9. laughing-buddha

    laughing-buddha Relax and have fun

    Hello Drew,

    I am born 21 Aug 1965

    When can I stop working and retire peacefully?
  10. Peace and blessings,

    Being a Leo you may find it hard to stop working early, leos tend to need to be busy all the time. you tend to be unhappy if you stagnate or arent growing. With that said the cards seem to indicate that working for you in the past was prosperous and you were possibly even content. One asset you have is a concreteness - a logical approach to things.
    Being compassionate is a great thing, but be careful to not get taken advantage of because there could be a hidden enemy lurking mistaking your benevolence for weakness.
    The overall look at the tarot spread is summed up by a card that indicates joy and fruitfulness for you in the future regarding this matter so retiring early as the cards say, is certainly a possible option.

    Hope this helps and good vibes your way,
  11. Thanks so much! That was a cool reading!
  12. Love the feedback, glad you enjoyed it.
    Peace and blessings,
  13. laughing-buddha

    laughing-buddha Relax and have fun

    Exactly. So true ! and that's what hurts.

    On all your other observations, I agree 100%
    You do really have some powers, and thanks for sharing.

    Thanks and my regards,
  14. TexasGal

    TexasGal Member

    Hi drew.. I'm a sag and I was wondering if u can do a reading for me over career and finance
  15. Peace and blessings TexasGal, I did a career and finance reading for you and here are what the cards sum up.

    Your going to be meeting new people who can influence your career position so be tactful and polite of anybody who is just coming into your life...sags have multiple wonderful traits but occasionally because they are adept at so many things that it can leave people thinking your rude even though your just trying to help or are just plain used to doing things yourself because of a natural self sufficiency.

    In the job you have or are getting, you may be in fear of the judgement of others but because Sags like yourself tend to be friendly, helpful and optimistic you will be able to rise above the anxiety by being yourself and listening to your heart (sorry if that sounds sappy)

    You have a great capacity for spiritual matters and the cards show your motivated by using your intelligence to solve conflicts. Be aware of co-workers, they may have secrets and may try to even deceive you.
    This job should leave you living comfortably but please be aware of bad investments and excessive spending to stay above financial waters.

    It looks like in the past of your finances you were alright but maybe other things were making you feel down like possibly sickness or health issues of yourself or a loved one. Presently it seems you'll be successful in keeping your financial house in order. Down the line it looks like something good works out for you because you will be blessed and everything will seem to come together in harmony.

    Good vibes your way,
  16. TexasGal

    TexasGal Member

    thanks alot Drew that sounds completely accurate with what i been going though!! i will just wait for my blessing :)
  17. you are quite welcome =)
  18. windy

    windy Member

    Hi Drew. I'm a Capricorn. Would you be so kind to give me a general reading? Thank-you :)
  19. dazedgatsby

    dazedgatsby shitheel

    Cancer july 27, 1995

    Tell me my future

    And what may help me in the future.

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