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  2. Hardly Strictly Bluegrass is coming up in San Francisco the first weekend of October. For those not in the know - this is a free 3 day festival (no legal camping) held in Golden Gate Park every year.
    The Festival is sponsored by the descendants of Levi Strauss - the company started in SF and still has operations there - now the family throws this free fest every year as a way to give back to the community. They have turned down sponsorship from some major backers - thus keeping it free of all the Budweiser and Apple banners.
    We are talking six stages - 10 to 18 hours a day for 3 days. Dozens and Dozens of food vendors (and drink) and all in all just a really great vibe - adults being adults without too much antics that are harmful to the youth. Definitely a family vibe with Mom and Dad still able to have some wine, toke a jay and maybe even indulge in some psychedelic chocolates.
    Last year - our biggest dilemma was having to decide between Doc Watson, Emmy Lou Harris, and Peter Rowan, all of whom were playing at the same time on different stages. Hundreds of acts including almost every living legend of Bluegrass, most the real up and comers, and a smattering of fringeGrass bands. And all free admission.
    Also - the Haight area is a real party in itself for this weekend. We're talking 250,000 plus visitors for this event every year.
    Highly recommended for the Bluegrass Fan, Music Fan or Festy Crowd Fan - :)
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    Close. Warren's family has Wells Fargo, not Levi Strauss.
    However, he was a self made millionaire (likely billionare, what with the amount he gave away)

    RIP, Warren, well dance a bit for you.

    And yes, it is a must see.
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    That's the problem with working on festivals, there are conflicts. Hardly Strictly is the same weekend as Hoes Down. I'm going to be running sound at a kid's stage that weekend.
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    I can't wait for Hardly Strictly, the lineup is SO GOOD. XD
  6. oops, 2013 was the last post. never mind
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    Northtek at Lac du Mont in Quebec, Canada. I love this festival! People are allowed to set up their own stages for free as well as attend for free. This means no big headliners, but the music is still great and it is on a gorgeous beach.
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    Anything near to NYC soon?
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    We have tons in Orangeville Ontario in the summer around june and july!
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    Could you post the names of a few? It's close enough I might check them out!
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    June 4th/2016 Pgh arts festival
    June 7th/2016 Pgh arts festival
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    Of course, I'll compile a list today and post it later tonight!
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    Spring Gathering at The Garden in Lafayette TN

    This is a Medicine Tribe Gathering / Planting party with a benefit show for the People's Project. The dates are from April 15th-30th
    There will be free healthy food served out of the community kitchen at least 3 times a day. people are welcome to learn and participate in the kitchen. all healthy food donations are welcome.
    There will be workshops including organic farming, wood carving, nonviolent communication and mushroom propagation during the day and music and bonfires at night. there are plans to plant a lot of FOOD!! including food to send to the National Rainbow Gathering in Georgia, An orchard, lots of mushrooms and the main garden that supply's the land with food. People are welcome to bring seeds or plants of all types.This is a family friendly event focused on co-creating positive change. Anyone with any input is welcome to join in on the fun of creating this event. This event is FREE!! with all donations going to ether the cost of putting on the event or the Peoples Project which is a 501c3 non-profit. If you would like to play music on the stage or help in any other way please let us know. people are welcome to come early to help get ready.
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