Free Astrology readings by hand.

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    Free Astrology reading.

    I need some practice at doing readings, so I am offering to do a reading for free to anybody that wants one. If I get a lot of replys, I might not be able to get to all of them. I have studied Astrology since 1995. I want to improve my interpretation skills. I just ask that you give me some honest feedback so that I know what I am doing right, or what I am doing wrong.

    I need to know with accuracy the following:

    Birth date, dd/mm/yyyy
    Birth Place ie. Astoria Hospital, Astoria Queens NY
    Birth Time ie. 3:57 PM

    I will let you know when I am working on your reading, and when I am done. I will type the reading out on a word processor, and email it to you when I am finished. Please let me know what you want the reading for, so that I can focus on those things and do a better job at being of assistance. Thanks.

    Chris (Trekker)

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