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Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by HappyHaHaGirl, Sep 2, 2004.

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  1. HappyHaHaGirl

    HappyHaHaGirl *HipForums Princess*

    I just thought I'd post the Forum Guidelines for everyone to see so that we don't have any confusion about what's allowed and what isn't. I try not to be too bitchy and strict about them and give you a little leeway, but I don't appreciate it when people blatantly abuse that.

    As far as porn links go.... They aren't allowed, We will crack down on them...

    .. Please only post them in the Real Erotic Forum Supporter Only, since it's for the 18+ crowd.

    No naked pictures, unless it's in the Erotic Forum Supporter Only,.. :D

    If there's a topic about an STD or something and you feel like you really have to post a picture of some poor fella's infected whatsits, I'd appreciate it if you'd let me know about it and have something in the title of the thread as a warning to people that might not want to see it. I can't think of any situation where this is incredibly necessary, but it's easier for me to figure out what to do now instead of making something up later.

    I don't want to be the Love and Sex Nazi. I know that 99% of you are mature enough to carry on in a grown up fashion and won't try to overdo it or whatever. I hate working hard, so please don't make me.

    **I would also like to add that I won't tolerate anyone coming in here posting bullshit just to instigate some kind of pointless argument or flame war or whatever. It's rude, it's annoying, it makes me hate you, and I've done enough sexual favors for xaosflux to have him wrapped around my little finger, so I get what I want.... and I'll have your head. I know that there are only a handful of people that this message is directed to, and you know who you are... Behave yourselves or face the consequences! If I see that you are needlessly posting rude and provoking comments or starting posts to flame others, I will delete it immediately and report it to my bitch.**


    HappyHahaGirl :)

    So given the amount of traffic this forum has been getting since it was made a full forum of its own merit I think the time has come to update this.:love:

    1. No flaming, or trolling.

    2. No pornography

    3. Post with the intent of causing intelligent discussion at all times in this forum.

    4. Respect your fellow posters at all times.

    5. No homophobia or other sexual discrimination.
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  2. HappyHaHaGirl

    HappyHaHaGirl *HipForums Princess*

    I don't know if you even read the thread that you're posting about or not, but I asked that everyone stay on the topic of whatever threads they're posting in and do not instigate a bunch of crap that will lead nowhere. If you're trying to make some kind of point, I don't see how it is even remotely related to anything in the Love and Sex forum.

    If you want to talk about trucks or something, there are plenty of other places on the forums to do so. If you have some kind of personal issue that you feel you need to elaborate a little more on, I suggest you find alternative means of doing so. This is a thread regarding the Forum Guidelines of the Hip Forums, and that's the topic it will stay on.
  3. dangermoose

    dangermoose Is a daddy

    Hello to all, as if you havent figured out by now, happyhaha is rarely around anymore, so you've got a new mod in town. Happy says she doesn't want to be the love and sex nazi, but i on the other hand, have no problem being the love and sex nazi. The rules are clearly displayed in the forum guidelines, and i will have no problem editing your bad posts to make you look foolish, and perhaps even getting you banned if the behaviour persists.
    If you're new, don't post links to porn sites, or i'll probably axe it assuming you're a spammer.
    Don't make fun of what turns people on, though you can disagree and share your own opinion on what you find arousing. If you merely respond to say you disagree in a hurtful manner without adding anything to the discussion, i will either edit your post, or delete your post, and perhaps get you banned.
    I'm all for nudity but please keep it in Real Kinky, unless its of genuine relevence. Asking if your dick is big enough, or good looking is not of genuine relevence.
    If you read something in Real Kinky that grosses you out, stop reading the thread, theres no point in noting that you think its gross, as most people will anyways, hence the subject being brought up in Real Kinky.
    Before you make a new thread, check at least the last 3 pages and see if there is a related thread you could post in instead of creting a whole new thread.
    Only post in the general love and sex forum if the subject doesnt really fit in any of the subforums. If its about STD's keep it in the Health forum, if its about your genitals, keep it in the Genitals forum, if you're just plain and simple horny, post it in Hot and Horny.
    If you see a bad post, or spam, or a mean ass troll, please don't respond to it, at the bottom right hand corner under every users post count theres a function to report post. Report it, and if appropriate, it will be removed. Im online on a daily basis, and it will be deleted promptly.
    If any users are harassing or threatening you please let me know and an appropriate course of action will be taken.
    If you suspect that a user has multiple accounts that he or she is using in one thread, or that a user is actually an old banned user with a new name, report it to me and it will be investigated.
  4. skip

    skip Founder Staff Member

    Wow! Well said. Thanks for laying it out for everyone so clearly.

    You heard the man! :)
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  5. skip

    skip Founder Staff Member

    I also want to point out that we have a very busy Relationship Forum for people to discuss the non-sexual ins and outs of relationships. Please keep this forum for sexual issues in relationships.

  6. drumminmama

    drumminmama Super Moderator Staff Member Super Moderator

    amd if anyone gives you crap, moose, pm me! I love taking rude pervs out.
  7. Karen_J

    Karen_J Visitor

    Penis Size Threads

    If you absolutely must talk about or ask about penis size, would you please consider posting in one of the 1000+ nearly identical threads we already have on that topic, rather than starting a new one? We don't need anymore of them!
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