Fornication, Sodomy, and Religion

Discussion in 'Oral and Anal Sex' started by JohnNewbie, Jan 30, 2009.

  1. JohnNewbie

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    I love oral but anal is not appealing to me. It seems very degrading and religiously I have some reservations. You know all the passages in the Bible that condemn Homosexual sex, actually only refer to anal sex, so a loving committed relationship would be fine. Oral sex among gays would be acceptable in a loving and committed relationship IMO. I think the same is true for heteros to. I was reading there is one passage in the NT that some translate as homosexual conduct but in reality its condemning anal sex and that for anyone doing it, whether its a gay or straight couple.
    Fornication is another interesting topic as well. Fornication in the greek is the word porne and refers to sex with a prostitute, but sometimes can include adultry and incest. Fornication is not a condemnation of "premarital sex" though. thus if intercourse occurs betwen a loving committed couple I can't really see it as sinful.
  2. Brainflex

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  3. sarahrei

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    Religon has NO place in a humans sexuality. Sex is natural, religon isn't
  4. Shale

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    This is sooo absurd I think it is a joke. Young christians have anal sex so they can claim to be virgins.

    “If you’re going to have anal sex, why not just have regular sex?”
    ... for a young woman who has never engaged in sexual intercourse, having anal sex allows her to preserve her virginity (i.e., maintain an intact hymen) until marriage. There is no greater gift that a bride can give than to offer her pure, unsullied maidenhead to her husband on their wedding night.

    However, I have heard of it - mainly thru Dan Savage's advice column, where just this week it was given a name. We call it "saddlebacking" after homophobic bigot Rick Warren's Saddleback Church in Californica. As Savage writes:

    "The saddlebacker offers up her ass because she believes, quite erroneously that she can get fucked in the ass - vigorously, religiously - and still be considered a virgin on her wedding night."

    As Sarahrei said "Religon has NO place in a humans sexuality. Sex is natural, religion isn't" Religion is just a bunch of mind games that ppl think up where they make a ridiculous rule then argue about the ways to get around that rule.

    So if you don't like anal don't do it. Lots of gay guys don't do anal and lots of married women don't. Sin has nothing to do with it, just preference of sexuality. I am quite content with oral, and tho I have butt fucked a lot of men never did it to a woman (never saw a need with the other warm, wet hole available).
  5. Vire

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  6. sith1

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    I dont get it, even the bible is full of sex

    religion is ok, what bothers me is the people trying to convert everyone

    now for the sex part, even priests and nuns feel the urges

    as long as you dont hurt anyone, sex is not a sin
  7. JohnNewbie

    JohnNewbie Member

    Well, its good to talk to all you guys, seriously. I'm a more liberal Christian that believes in Universalism to. (Eventually all people will be saved) I think my views would be classified as somewhat progressive in the sense that I am ok with premarital sex and a gay relationship as long as it is loving and committed. Just avoid sodomy and fornication. But I guess maybe here I come off as more conservative. Well its all good. I until recently haven't even been in a relationship with a woman and I'm 36, lol. Check out my other post. I am somewhat socially odd I guess and a bit emotionally inmature, but things are changing. I'm going to have sex with my girlfriend when she comes down next week. We met up in Salt Lake and just did oral. I'm still technically a virgin.
  8. sarahrei

    sarahrei ~Lover~

    I'm ok with not being saved, the years of good oral, vaginal, and anal sex makes up for eternity in hell.
  9. sophieclair

    sophieclair Senior Member

    Oh come on no one cares
  10. Mothman

    Mothman Senior Member

    You have a way with words :cheers2:
  11. sarahrei

    sarahrei ~Lover~

    Thanks hun :)
  12. PineMan

    PineMan Senior Member

    From the start most of the leading religions have their origins from the same one, be it Judaism, Islam, Christianity etc., yet over time each of these have split apart due to man's own interpretations of what is required of the religion - although this rarely has anything to do with what they truly believe to be the wishes of their respective deities, rather than how they can best manifest their personal desires upon the masses in order to further their own power levels. After all, if this were not the case then we would still be all of the one faith - whatever the first one was, but as it is not only are there constantly increasing new religions, but each of these continue to to sub-divide amongst themselves in the same way as they always have done.

    Even the term 'Virgin' is subject to many different interpretations & definitions. The most commonly recognised is the one which regards the actual penetration of the penis into the vagina as being the loss of virginity. However, others consider the breaking of the hymen as the loss of virginity, even though this may be caused by masturbation, or even other activities, such as horse riding. Other cultures even consider a girl having her first period as being the loss of her virginity. Others consider any sexual contact, even where the only activity is masturbation, as being the loss of virginity, while others may consider even the actual knowledge of sex as being the loss of virginity.

    Basically, while the term defining precisely what virginity is remains so vague, who is really to say what it is.

    Even when it comes to fornication & prostitution, different religions view these in totally contradictory ways. Whilst in some religions prostitution is viewed as being a certainty for a ticket to Hell, others consider it as being an honourable & totally respectable profession for a woman to enter.

    Religion, though, has always been the bane of following a natural life. After all, if there is some kind of a deity who is responsible for our creation, then what right do we have to question the natural instincts & desires that He (or She) chose to instill into our genes?
  13. Shale

    Shale ~

    Definitions of sexuality are so hard to pin down. Bill Clinton (our prez notorious for getting caught having sex in the Oval Office - not to say John Kennedy didn't do it years before him) claimed he didn't have sex with that woman. He was relying on many ppl's interpretation that a blow job not having sex.

    Likewise in many latin cultures, the top (bugaron) is not considered a homosexual, only the bottom (marecon). So we butt fuckers who do a guys ass (or face) aren't necessarily gay. This, BTW is played out in prisons and other places where straight guys are thrown together but still have sex with each other. Hell, guys will fuck a sheep, why not another guy.

    So it is all words and rationalizations. I enjoy having sex with guys so even as a top will fess up to being gay. I also like sucking cock - crave it with some guys so no denying my gay side.
  14. twistedsister

    twistedsister Member

    Dammitt Shale~you're soooo passionate i wish you'd fuck me~
  15. Slothguy

    Slothguy Member

    I heard through the grape vine that Jesus loved taking it up the ass from big black slaves way back in the day. So I don't see why he wouldn't support that kind of thing.
  16. sarahrei

    sarahrei ~Lover~

    ^ I heard that too!
  17. Shale

    Shale ~

    Nah, that's just so much rumor.

    Jesus was into twinks, as in "John, whom Jesus loved"


    Also, conjecture whether he was into oral or anal, but I'm sure he would have been tolerant of either.
  18. MikeE

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    Religion is as natural as marriage, pair-bonding and dogs marking their territory.

    It is behavior/beliefs that naturally developed when some bipedal apes got larger brains.

    Its way more natural than condoms.
    Do condoms have a place in human sexuality?

    How about dildoes, spanking and oral sex? Does a webcam have its place?
  19. Shale

    Shale ~

    Marriage is not natural. It is a social construct, sort of a contractual arrangement between men and in most cultures women were just the chattel involved in this contract.

    Pair-bonding is probably natural but so is herd bonding and mate sharing.

    As for we bipedal apes, we are very closely related to other apes, namely chimps and bonobos who share 98% of our genetic makeup and many natural inclinations. We could study them and see how we would likely react without all the cultural and social constructs that we have come to think of as normal.

    Oh, oral sex is perhaps perfected by our species but other species give a lick now and then to each others groin. And most mammal males will stick their dick into or rub it against just about anything animate or inanimate. Animals masturbate all the time.

    They can't express it verbally but they can enjoy, "if it feels good - do it."
  20. MikeE

    MikeE Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    Marriage is natural.
    Deer have alpha males.
    Gorillas have a different alpha system than deer.
    Bonobos have a different system.
    Humans have marriage.

    I don't know if other species use a God to explain why they do things their way. But humans do.

    All societies have a marriage structure (backed up by the gods which that society honors).

    Marriage is as natural and normal a development in humans as five fingers per hand or speach.
    Marriage is as natural as a tom cat killing the kittens he didn't father.
    Marriage is as natural as the only breeding in a wolf pack being between only the alpha male and female. (I don't know if they explain to the others in the pack that the Devine Lupine decreed it, but that's wolf buisness, not mine.)

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