Foreskin Stretching

Discussion in 'Genitalia' started by nz male, May 15, 2013.

  1. nz male

    nz male Senior Member

    Has anyone attempted somehow to stretch their foreskin out from the front of the knob somehow so the skin stays stretched for a few hours - days at a time.
    I tried this a few months ago by pulling the foreskin back & then placing a reasonable sized steel penis ring on the glands & then pulling the foreskin over the ring & the glands & kept it like that for about 1 hour.
    The larger the ring, the more stretched my foreskin became. It made the skin sort of floppy after I removed the ring & slowly returned to it's usual size again. I suppose if I did this more often & for longer periods at a time, it may gradually make the foreskin stay longer permanently.
  2. MikeT7

    MikeT7 Member

    I have experience stretching foreskin. By your description it sounds as if you are stretching the skin out to the side of the shaft and not extending the skin past your glans. There are other types of spacers that can be used to put tension toward the end of your skin which are held in place with some harmless tape. Men do stretch and elongate the skin because expansion and growth will happen in time using this method. This growth is permanent.
    Hope this helps

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