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Discussion in 'Cannabis Activism' started by WillWorkForPeace27, Apr 18, 2007.

  1. Why should there be so much time devoted towards legalizing marijuana? :leaving:
    There is so much being done against its mere existence that it really is a lost cause, a huge waste of time. A society where everyone is free to smoke a joint will be one full of stupidity. Ok so maybe some of the greatest pieces of literature, music and entertainment came from the influence of pot, but on the other hand there have been so many bad events, pain and turmoil brought about by marijuana conversely, that it is just not worth it. It is those bad effects that we do not always hear about, either that or when we do hear them we tend to shut them out of our minds and deny them. So in conclusion the few positive effects of recreational smoking just don't outweigh the negative. And consequently, I do not want to hear anymore about how pot allows us to relax, explore our minds and contribute to the creation of our most exceptional ideas. Get over it, if we, as a society cannot contribute to outstanding ideas and beliefs in a healthy way on our own, then we must be feeble and pathetically dependent.
    In the end I want us to take a good look at why we fight so strongly to legalize marijuana. Personally, I feel that there are soo many bigger issues threatening our world today that deserve our undivided attention. If we fight to legalize marijuana because we that suggest it is an invasion of personal freedoms, then ours hearts are not in the right place. There are people in our world today who's freedoms have been invaded so violently, so severely, that they wake up each day not knowing if they will live to see tomorrow. Now I'm not saying that marijuana is wicked or absolute belligerence, but in consideration to situations such as the malnourishment in Kenya, the persecution of Christians in Iran, the rapes and beatings of women of the Middle East, the genocide in Darfur, I hope that we all keep our priorities in perspective and consider those in pain and persecution before those ourselves or others who are simply uncomfortable. I know it seems impossible to help areas of the world so far from our own but if we keep our eyes open there are plenty of oppertunities for us to help. Even if it is simply buying a charity bracelet that states "Livestrong" we are helping those in need who need are contributions the most.
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    Dude, you need to stop saying, "there are more important things to worry about." There is always something more important. This is America. Darfur is Darfur. Iran is Iran. Its not like we can influence the politicians in those countries, especially when they are the most extremist corrupt and evil people who dont give a shit about the opinions of their own people let alone the opinions of americans
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    edit: Debate away!
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    The reason why i would rather protest to get it legalized, is because it's something i care for. All the rest of the stuff you listed has nothing to do with me, so why should i support that cause?

    And thanks for cutting out all that bull shit. Man, that helped a bunch.

    All i gotta say is one thing.

    Legalize it!!!
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    this does not belong in the cannabis activism thread...........
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    has nothing to do with you?

    Regardless its human being suffering in cruel ways, do not downgrade that because its not important to "you". Thats a very selfish thing to say.
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    I agree with the origional post. As much as I want it legalized, other things would probably use the energy toward legalization for better purposes.
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    None of your comments and accusations change the fact that this does not belong in the Cannabis Activism Forum...........would you post a recipe for Lasagna in the Love and Sex forum?
  9. dudenamedrob

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    I don't feel that a thread posted with the intention of hijacking resources from one cause to another belongs within the forum dedicated to the former cause, that is trolling.
  10. The topic is "Cannabis Activism"

    I stated that I am against it. To all topics, to all debates, there is a "for" and "against" side. Oh and p.s. I was looking for someone to debate me with actual reasons as to why Marijuana should be legalized, not a bunch of personally offended outcries. Come on, buck up and argue the right way. Throw out endless facts that of which support your single-minded opinions! Don't just sit there and cry like a baby.
  11. dudenamedrob

    dudenamedrob peace lily

    You spout such nonsensical rhetoric, accuse me of being personally offended with single minded opinions, and then you call me names (a cry baby) like a child.........and you expect me to swallow that you are not a troll? Again, this forum is for cannabis activism, the description under the forum title states "What people are doing to change oppressive marijuana laws", I hardly think your feeble attempt at highjacking resources and looking for someone to debate an issue that the vast majority of people who frequent this forum are already in consensus under, fits under the category and description as outlined. What you are attempting to do is the very definition of trolling.
  12. dudenamedrob

    dudenamedrob peace lily

    The purpose of this forum is not Cannabis debate, it is Cannabis Activism.
    Note that the very definition of activism counters your argument, activism focuses on one side of a controversial argument, not both, this is not a forum for debate, it is a forum for organization, information, and networking surrounding the singular topic of CANNABIS ACTIVISM.
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    i thought this forum was for opinions about this. If not that then what
  14. People are tortured on a daily basis all over the world. One thing marijuana helped me find was some form of internal peace. While bad things happen in the world around me, I would prefer to hang on to some inner peace. How can I contribute to helping people suffering in other countries when I cannot really help people suffering in this one? Innocent people are dieing due to other people's stupidity. Around me the world may be terrible; I'm listening, paying attention and as a result am outraged by all the horrific daily situations. While I am still alive in this world I would prefer to hang on to some form of hope because hope makes it possible to wake up the next day to enjoy one’s life.

    Remember, suffering is not a competition. You cannot say who suffers more when all people who have their freedom taken away suffer. While a stoner taken to jail is not the same extreme as a person who gets killed, a stoner taken to jail still will loose his or her freedom to some degree.

    You want a debate as to why marijuana should be legalized?

    Many issues are involved with this. Some people in this world have realized cannabis has some medicinal properties. Why are seriously ill people raided, prosecuted, and on occasion taken to jail for using cannabis medicinally? Shouldn’t people have access to medication that works? As great as that sounds in theory, a person’s health is not going to be a concern to a person who could make a profit from selling pharmaceuticals. You said that some people suffer so much that they do not know if they are going to be alive the following day. Some people with cancer do not know how long they have left to live. Shouldn’t these people be able to enjoy the time they have left. Perhaps this may mean not being in so much pain?

    Jails are already very over crowded. The problem is not going to go away with a growing number of offenders. If people are no longer arrested for simple possession (most of arrests are for possession alone,) then this will definitely solve that problem. Have you heard of the horror stories about instances where say a college student caught with marijuana was placed in the same cell as a violent offender? Needless to say the guy got raped in that cell. Unfortunately I also heard stories about people dieing from heart attacks during police raids out of fright. I agree with you, it is probably for the best that most people are not victims of such violent physical prosecution in terms cannabis opposition; however one cannot forget the few that fall victim to such violent opposition (There are a lot of cannabis users in this world, if all were met with the violent extremes that would add to this world’s suckage by a lot.)

    The illegality of marijuana does not stop marijuana use. Remember the era of prohibition in the nineteen teens. The Prohibition amendment was passed in 1919, but it was repealed in 1933. A street dealer may sell marijuana to a child (dealers do not card.) while a store will have an age limit for certain products like cigarettes and alcohol. If marijuana is bought from a street dealer there is a much greater chance that a person selling other harder drugs besides marijuana might offer a client a free sample of a harder drug. The illegality of marijuana gives people a greater chance to come across harder drugs if they could get both from the same person. This could never happen if one were able to get weed from a legit source that only handled weed. Another advantage with a more legit supplier would be the fact that one would be less likely to get weed which was laced with something dirty.

    A person cannot die from an overdose on marijuana. While inhaling smoke clearly is not healthy, why are people being prosecuted for being simply unhealthy. Think about this, fast food, cigarettes and alcohol are all very legal. Interesting how a lot of the money for the illegality of marijuana comes from the people making money off of alcohol.

    Standing up for one’s beliefs takes effort. When one puts effort into something, it is not a waste of time. Look around you, society is already full of stupidity and I can guarantee you that the majority of these people probably are not cannabis enthusiasts. Please do explain how so many bad things happen because of marijuana and not because of the illegality of marijuana.

    I agree with you, all the other causes of injustice should not be ignored. It takes a lot of people to solve a problem; one person generally cannot stop the murder of many other people if that one person has no power in this society. You are saying that these greater issues cannot be solved because people devote too much attention to legalizing pot. If people cannot solve something simple as the legalization of pot, how can they solve a greater battle?

    Remember, pot cannot create what it does not already posses. It seems it only intensifies something which is already present. What if pot could motivate some people to do good and actually help these suffering causes? You say our hearts are not in the right place if we want to legalize marijuana because we suggest it is an invasion of personal freedom. Is personal freedom not one of the most important things in this world? Remember, having the right of not being murdered and the right of not being raped are as well personal freedoms people wish to enjoy. These kinda fall into the category of the quality of one’s life. Granted, I would prefer to not legally smoke a joint then be murdered.

    Besides being curious about your response, I am curious, as to what you have done to help the causes which you mentioned. Also so that you know, when you bold and increase the font in a post, you are distracting the reader from your message; instead you just direct the reader to notice those specific words. Words carry a greater connection when they are linked by a greater meaning rather then a simple increasement in type size.
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    For one thing, all opinions should be heard. Dont tell him to leave because he brings up valid points about activism. If fits the topic whether or not it fits your opinion. I for one would like to know both sides of this argument, and allow him to continue posting. You now know what is in this thread so if you choose do not look at it or bother it again.
  17. Exactly, I may not agree with what he/she says however I support him or her to say it.
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    Ok -> :)

    Edit: Took my rambling out, go for it!
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    the reson that so much time is spent on this is because its our right to to put whatever we want into our bodies without the goverment,you or anyone else telling us that we cant

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    I agree with alot of what she said, however it doesn't belong in the Cannabis Activism forum, their are alot of other forums that would be better suited to the topic.........that's why we have specific forums for specific topics, if you allow trolling the whole setup falls apart.

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