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Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by sugarmaggie, Jan 21, 2005.

  1. sugarmaggie

    sugarmaggie ~Green Eyed Devil~

    What is the single most romantic encounter you've ever had. Please give plenty of detail. :)
  2. smilez

    smilez Member

    The first time my boyfriend told me he loved me. We were in upstate NY visiting with his family and we driving from his uncle's house to his grandparents (where we were staying). It was really late at night and he stopped on the side of the road and said, "You are amazing and I love you so much!"
  3. mystical_shroom

    mystical_shroom acerbic

    hmmm, probably when my friend Matthew gave me a ring pop :D
    no, probably would have to be when, i will have to think about this for a second :D
  4. dangermoose

    dangermoose Is a daddy

    a second?! its been least 3 seconds now!!
    and most romantic...i don't know if i can pin point it, im not good with pinpointing things...but i know with my gf everyday seems to be better than the last, so im gonna say today was the most romantic, and i hope that answer applies to everyday in hte future :)
  5. sugarmaggie

    sugarmaggie ~Green Eyed Devil~

    Smilez..that's sweet. I know it feels like time stops when someone goes out of their way to tell you how amazing you are.

    Mystical...Hurry up already, damn. :D

    Dangermoose..That answer was perfect. She's a lucky lady!!:)
  6. sugarmaggie

    sugarmaggie ~Green Eyed Devil~

    Well here goes mine....

    I was 16, and quite inexperienced. A guy I had been seeing, who was quite a bit older than me showed me what it was all about. We hadn't had sex yet, and I had been anticipating it for quite some time. He came to pick me up one night, and it was pouring down rain. After he kissed me, he whispered in my ear that he had a surprise, and just kept driving. He drove down this long road out in BFE, and I had no idea what to expect. The road led to this huge tree house, and he parked the car there. He took my hand and led me up into this tree house, which was lit with tons of candles, wine..the whole bit. We sat down on the pallet he had made in the floor with all kinds of huge fluffy pillows all around. He played his guitar and sang to me..then we made love for what seemed to be hours. It was perfect, the rain falling, his beautiful voice telling me how much he loved my body, the setting, everything was just right. The fact that he had went out of his way to do all this was breathtaking to me. That was a summer I'll never forget. He went to college that fall and the rest is history.
  7. stuntdragon1

    stuntdragon1 Member

    There was once a HUGE fight in the mall that broke out right where me and my gf were sitting in the food court. I grabbed her, shoving all the guys (crips and bloods), grabbed her hand and led her through the congestion of police and gangstas. We went back to my place to mend some bruises and ended up having the best sex, with incense, candle lit room, and a Coldplay mixed CD.Afterwards we laid in the bed and Coldplay's Yellow came on the stereo and I ended up singing the song to her. We lay there about an inch or so apart and as I sung, her eyes began to tear up. She ended up smiling and crying.Telling me how much she was in love with me. I was doing the same.
  8. sugarmaggie

    sugarmaggie ~Green Eyed Devil~

    Nice..I dig making love to Coldplay, awesome music. I just love a sensitive man like that, why the hell aren't there more out there like that?
  9. smilez

    smilez Member

    Aww. That is so sweet and very imaginative on his part.

  10. HappyHaHaGirl

    HappyHaHaGirl *HipForums Princess*

    One time a guy opened the door for me..... :(
  11. I can do 100 better than that:sunglasse
  12. sugarmaggie

    sugarmaggie ~Green Eyed Devil~

    Do tell..;)
  13. Im a gentlemen, least thats what ive been told.
  14. I have a two way tie...

    The first time I was kissed, the guy and I were sitting on a rock at dawn over-looking the river-front. It was completely silent except for the water rippling over the rocks. I was sitting with my arms around my knees and he had his arms around me. We sat there for nearly an hour talking.

    A fly landed on his hand right in front of my face and we kept shooing it away. So he started singing "shoo fly don't bother me, shoo fly dont bother me, shoo fly don't bother me for I belong to somebody."

    And then we kissed. Cheesy, yes, but romantic.

    The second is that the man I am seeing now will write this amazing poems on paper and tuck them in pockets or slip them to me while we are someplace. It reminds me of being back in highschool and he is just amazing. One night we were lying in his bed just being there together. He hugged me close and said "I honestly have never wanted anyone to stay as badly as I want you to stay here with me." Allright girls let's hear a big collective "AWwwwww!"
  15. browneydgrl

    browneydgrl Member

    awwww :rolleyes: *sighs and dissolves in a puddle of sentimental mush*
  16. whispers

    whispers sweet and sour

  17. dangermoose

    dangermoose Is a daddy

  18. tigerlily

    tigerlily proud mama

    :D i feel the exact same way... so yeah :) my current bf is by far the most romantic man i have ever been with, and every day is better than the day before...
  19. FallenFairy

    FallenFairy Senior Member

    I was 15 and having just casual sex with a good friend of mine ,hippie. well he and i started to go places together and we got to know each other inside and out we would know what eachothers thoughts were we would have a full conversation just by looking at eacother.2 yrs pass and we were at a park at around midnight just watching the stars and he grabbed my hand and stared into my eyes and told me that he and I are soul mates and that we are meant to be together forever. The weird thing is I was thinking the same thing.
  20. tigerlily

    tigerlily proud mama

    wow, that actually brought tears to my eyes.

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