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Discussion in 'Politics' started by inbloom, May 27, 2004.

  1. inbloom

    inbloom as the crow flies...

    How do you feel about Jack Layton and the NDP???

    i've read their environmental platform, and it sounds pretty good to me.

    but, i've never voted before, or been too into politics. but, i wanted to start, so i just kind of wanted feedback to see what others thought, and who they're voting for.
  2. Rockman

    Rockman Member

    I read Layton's book, it was actually quite good, I reccomend it.

    I'll be supporting them. I don't *like* the a lot, but they've got a better chance now than at any time in recent memory, and if they don't pick up some of the liberals' slack then the conservatives will get it all.

    Plus they merged with the Marijuana Party...that's pretty commendable.
  3. inbloom

    inbloom as the crow flies...

    thank you for your reply, rockman. i do think i will be supporting the NDP.

    does nobody else in this forum care?? or are you all americans???
  4. alex714

    alex714 To the Left

    i find that a lot of the NDP's ideas are too idealistic. last time ontairo had an NDP majority government we ended up in extreme debt, they really fucked up. plus, i dont like layton's new 'rich tax' idea, taxes are already too high.
  5. inbloom

    inbloom as the crow flies...

    thank you for your reply. but, may i ask, who are you supporting then? as i said before, it's my first time really getting involved in politics, and i want to learn what i can. i want to find out who's going to be the best leader for this country, before i go and vote. so far, NDP is in the lead for me. because, i like their environmental and health care platforms. that is, if they're true to their word.
  6. Eugene

    Eugene Senior Member

    Vote for anyone who has liberal border policies and welcomes political refugees from america. Please ... :)
  7. Re-ElectGore

    Re-ElectGore Member

    I support Paul Martin and the LPC...although we are bound to sink back into a minority Government this year.

    And, no, I do not live in Canada, but I still do follow Canadian politics.
  8. Aberfoyle

    Aberfoyle Member

    I would prefer to see the NDP in office than the Liberal or Conservative parties, if only because they want to change our electoral system to the more democratic Proportional Representation system so that the party I -actually- support may have a chance in the next election.

    The NDP though have a track record of being very fiscally irresponsable, which is one of the major reasons I feel that I can't support them. The liberals have become too apathetic, and the conservatives are well, just too conservative. Yet since all that matters is the champion of each riding, my party doesn't stand a chance - especially after being denied a spot in the leaders debate, despite having a candidate in every riding, and 5% support federally. So whats a boy to do in this political climate? Cry about it I guess :/.

    Long live the Green Party.
    Take a look at their values and platform.
  9. Re-ElectGore

    Re-ElectGore Member

    The Green Party won't win one seat.
  10. Aberfoyle

    Aberfoyle Member

    For sure :/
  11. Rockman

    Rockman Member

    How the hell can you support Martin? The guy's as blue as they come, completly conservative, and is running a government which just won't stop having big-assed scandals involving billions of taxpayer dollars.

    They're fucked anyways though...the Ontario budget will screw them pretty badly.
  12. cousinit

    cousinit Member

    paul matins personal belives I dont mind but hes backed by the enemy.. er... I mean liberal party . so I figure f him.

    Of the 3 major parties I prefer the NDP, but I will voting conservative. The NPD hasn't got chance in hell back east, and Ill do anything help get the liberals out of majority. The liberal party is worst thing to ever happen to Canada.

    though being BC'er living in the Capital city of King Ralph , Im not to fond of the conservatives eather. voted NDP in the last provincial election.

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