FOR SALE: Handmade Hemp Jewelry!

Discussion in 'For Sale or Trade' started by Munkadu, Jun 3, 2007.

  1. Munkadu

    Munkadu Member

    I make and sell hemp jewelry! I have a bunch of pre-made goodies on my site, and take custom orders as well!

    Please check out my online store at!

    Thank you so much for supporting independent artists!

  2. fluke

    fluke Member

    It seems your site is down. Still in the business? Near Atlanta?
  3. Sockboy

    Sockboy Member

    I am looking for hemp ankle bracelets and wrist stuff, hit me back.
  4. Sockboy

    Sockboy Member

    ur site is still down and its March 2009... hmmmm???
  5. the10thdegree

    the10thdegree Member

    i know this post is semi-old but i would be more than willing to make u a custom hemp anklet... im actually working on a hemp bang ATM... its taking forever!!! email me if your interested... its my username at gmail (dot) com

    PEACE <3
  6. krick3t

    krick3t Member

    if anyones intrested in Hemp jewlery, PM me with what you want, and sizes ( length in inches)

    I can add beads, and will generally have them done and shipped within two days

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