for all......

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by saffronfrancisburnet, May 23, 2004.

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    for all

    be whole now for the moments
    are gone.
    to look back, a body so entered.
    full of ripe passion,flesh of silk.
    loving only tainted, {not new.}
    uneven memories will endanger
    a cup so free,so full so tasty.
    watch every drop,no spills allowed.
    to end full stopped mouth.

    words beg and forgiven, rolled
    mention all inside, fluid love ,energy
    of life.
    ive noticed the curve, a line undone.
    not nearly a step away.
    so shatter this vessel,turn the page
    gaze forward ,unto rays so fine,
    wondering human minds.
    collect your feet ,a journey
    for one.
    to follow a heart so deceived.
    i been that fool, that chained
    fallen page.
    a tower i built once again.
    will come to rise, pain inside.
    folded deck,empty eyes.

    go step along ,a path to view
    your life is all you bare...
    i know this winded silience.
    can humans live in a blinded
    unhappy world.
    my heart did ache its swollen
    my mind was gone a while.
    move on forward ,not to fast
    give your lungs chance to
    remind again feelings come they
    remembered hurt ,now i have
    let go..let go...let go...
    of me....let go of me...

    thank you
    after a storm there must be a calm......
    love n peace from saff
  2. NightShadow

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    I absolutly love your analogyes in this piece..
    Awsome stuff saff.
  3. sunflowerAlys

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    "the darkest hour is just before dawn"

    need to go read. bye bye bye aaall
  4. saffronfrancisburnet

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    thank you for these replys

    to guide ourselves past the hour of darkness
    is all we can do to gain the rays of light
    we all deserve

    unless a hand can reach within
    to help a soul pull through
    to jump alone to dive below
    and find life is for you me all ....

    love n peace from saff
    thank you again...

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