for all who remember that freak michael, urgent help needed

Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by soaringeagle, Sep 14, 2005.

  1. soaringeagle

    soaringeagle Senior Member

    i need help urgently, all you remember michael, but many of you thought his craziness was just an effort to get wasn't..hes even worse then anyone knows
    well except his previus victims who are all too scared to say or do anything
    heres the current situation. a few weeks ago at most a young 18 year old girl left her home to go be with him, hes cut her off from all contact with the world & is submitting posts as her, & intercepting all messages to her
    i joined his forum & made posts about the real michael..& the danger this girls in, & immediately was banned & my post was changed to say something like "great job, shes gorgouse" when the original post said the truth about him & begged her to get the hell out of there so here is what i want everyone to do..i dont normaly condone trolls & flamers, but the situation is that the only way that the message will ever get to her is if every 1 of us floods his forum with the truth & his members see the truth before he gets a chance to edit it..& if hes tied to the keyboard 24 hours a day edititing the truth to his lies then she will have to notice something is up

    his site is

    here is what i want posted there but edit it as you like
    post it in the thread in drama called my girlfreind love or whatever..till that threads closed, then post it everywhetre u can

    maggie & all telyplus users
    the real michael isnt the michael you know, maggie & any girl who falls into his trap is in for pure hell, here is how he operates, he lures them in with promices of pure bliss & spiritual love, but then cuts you off from the world entirely, making them a prisoner..anyone who thinks those posts by maggie are really by maggie is a fool, they are by him!!! look at the post by someonewhocares that is not what he said! every 1 of these posts will be changed to make michael look like a saint
    he is evil, maggie he is twisting your mind & he will make you beleive your evil & will then force you top worship him as your only salvation, he will destry your spirit & currupt your mind
    look at this thread
    and magggie sneak out in the middle of the night & call your parents & get away..i know your relationship with your family isnt great, but its better then the hell he will put you through..if you dont beleive us, contact any of his ex's..unfortunately i bet theyre all in hiding. but if u search the forums u may find enough proof of what we're saying isall true
    any telyplus users who see this..recognize the truth when u come back & see it edited to say michael is god..
    he is pure evil
  2. madcrappie

    madcrappie crazy fish

    even if it is really her, its sick...... barely legal girl with a 35 year old man.....
  3. Maggie

    Maggie Member

  4. soaringeagle

    soaringeagle Senior Member

    trust me..its him.. & please everyone keep posting till she gets the message..
  5. soaringeagle

    soaringeagle Senior Member

    thats not even maggie & i doubt maggies patrents even know where she is
  6. 121

    121 Senior Member

    He should be culled immediately... I'll glady bust his head open with his fucking Easybake [​IMG]
  7. happyhippyflower

    happyhippyflower Sucker Punch

    Agreed totally. That was the first thing I thought about. Geez eagle, get ahold of yourself.
  8. 121

    121 Senior Member

    Eagle is a good man... he's just giving a the girl a heads up...
  9. soaringeagle

    soaringeagle Senior Member

    well all i can say is we all saw his weirdness bit most of u took it as a joke..but i found out alot more info then any of ya have & its alot worse then any of u know..she wont be allowed online now & if she posts on here..its not her..its him..dont ask me how i know this
  10. 121

    121 Senior Member

    Freedom and liberty breeds monsters :(
  11. jerry420

    jerry420 Doctor of everything Lifetime Supporter

    its vigilante time
  12. 121

    121 Senior Member

    Yeah, lets execute this shit Charlie Bronson style :p
  13. lovelikeair

    lovelikeair Member

    I think I'm glad I don't know who Michael is.
  14. madcrappie

    madcrappie crazy fish

    IM still shocked people are still talking about michael though..... he made a lasting impression on these forums, even if he was creepy as fuck haha.
  15. 121

    121 Senior Member

    Nobody like perverts.. our children are like little (super absorbent) sponges...
  16. Hacker

    Hacker Vescere Bracis Meis

    Call the police. Or the FBI. Don't bring yourself down to his level. Before anything escalates, involve the "authorities"...
  17. IronGoth

    IronGoth Member

    Pigs know dick. Pigs do dick.
  18. squawkers7

    squawkers7 radical rebel

    I had trouble with him before...I got quite a few dumb PM's from him on another site. After writing a few PM's back to him, I made him mad...enough so that he deleted EVERY post made there a few minutes after a PM.
    To make long story short...I ended up blocking him so I no longer get PM's from him on any forum site that we may both be on.
  19. 121

    121 Senior Member

    He must have been abused as a child :(

    (meaning ass fucked)
  20. soaringeagle

    soaringeagle Senior Member

    what worries me is his obsession with babies..i think he wants to ass fuck some babies..& thats why he wants them so bad

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