For all those who have the dreaded exams..

Discussion in 'U.K.' started by miabubble, May 13, 2004.

  1. miabubble

    miabubble Member

    a wee song to cheer us up...

    At first I was afraid, I was petrified!
    Kept thinking I could never pass without revision guides,
    But then I spent so many nights, getting all the questions wrong,
    And I grew strong, And I learned how to scrape along,

    I won't look back, to any place,
    When I can swallow 15 shots and get completely off my face,
    I would have spent all day at work,
    I would have had no spare time free,
    If I'd thought for just one second my exams would bother me,

    So all my notes, are on the floor,
    Don't even matter... that there's no Comedy night anymore...
    Weren't you the one who tried to get me to revise?
    You think I'd crumble?
    You think I'd work towards the skies?

    Oh no, not I! I won't revise!Ê
    Unless I die from alcohol, I know I'll stay alive,
    Though my money's at an end, I've my overdraft to spend,

    I won't revise, I won't revise!!

    It took all the strength I had, not to act the part,Ê
    But in the end my real revision didn't even start.
    I used to sit at home at night, feeling guilty to myself,
    I used to try, But now hold my head up high,

    And you see me! Somebody new!
    I'm not that mixed up weird person who wants a good 2:2
    So if you feel like dropping in, chances are that I'll be free,
    Coz I've done fuck all revision, and I'm failing my degree,

    Oh no, not I! I won't revise,
    I think that I may scrape a third, but I could be telling lies!Ê
    Let the lecturers all scorn,
    My bed's far too nice and warm,

    I won't revise, I won't revise!
  2. Spyder

    Spyder La dah de dah

    haha rockin'
  3. kier

    kier I R Baboon

    hehe, thankyou :) first exam in less than 2 weeks :(
  4. Sian

    Sian Member

    well ill try think of it in my i wont then ill forget what im supposed to write! got 4 more to go done three already....horrible 3rd year uni exams
  5. Alomiakoda

    Alomiakoda Boniface McSporran

    Brilliant! :D
  6. Dandelion_Blood

    Dandelion_Blood Gremlin

    Give that song a Hallejuah and an Amen...!

    hehe... like it.
  7. xZx

    xZx Member

    Yay!!! lol shit i have a chemistry exam on thursday,:eek: i dont actually need
    A-levels right?.....RIGHT???
  8. TheFly

    TheFly Member


    Almost fell off my chair with laughter...


  9. butterfly

    butterfly Member

    wonderful :) we had a slightly different version for our GCSE's
  10. Ananael

    Ananael Member

    Thanks, that brought a smile to my face :) . English exam tomorrow, I'm not feeling hopeful :(
  11. Ellie-Rose

    Ellie-Rose Le Muppet

  12. xZx

    xZx Member

    luck luck?? we dont need luck we need Valium and Caffeine!! HELP!!!:eek:
  13. Man_In_A_Shed

    Man_In_A_Shed Member

    My first exam was yesterday, but i ended up getting food poisoning and puking all day. I'm not allowed to resit it incase my friends tell me the questions, i just have to hope that the SQA will take pity on me and pass me despite not doing it.
  14. Hippy_Smurf

    Hippy_Smurf Member

    That sucks quite significantly :( I'm sorry about that Shedman.

    I had my first exam yesterday - German speaking, and I've got Sociology, ICT and English Lit to follow.

    I have three exams before my study leave even starts, and then two weeks afterwards where I'll have finished my exams but am still on study leave! Makes sense doesn't it? Hmmmmn...

    Anyway, good luck everyone!

    Great song Mia!
  15. miabubble

    miabubble Member

    shit! fuck, bugger arse **** i dont fucking care if im not allowed to swear! did you get a docters note? They'll send an appeal won't they? apparently you didn'tmiss mutch anyway... you'll be fine, they'll use your prelim :)
  16. Man_In_A_Shed

    Man_In_A_Shed Member

    I did get a doctors note and they are appealing with my prelim and stuff i've done in class. Luckily i've done about 5 or 6 more creative pieces than actually needed aswell. I'm going to be very pissed if they don't give me a good grade seeing as all the stuff i've done for the past year has been a high B or an A.
  17. Spyder

    Spyder La dah de dah

    i just had one this morning, wankered it up big time! ah well fuck it i dont care
  18. Dandelion_Blood

    Dandelion_Blood Gremlin

    my first two the day after spyder leaves, so i think i will be in such a wonderful mood i will get through it no worries...
  19. fizzy_elf

    fizzy_elf Member

    that is so great!!! nearly fell off the old chair there!! hahahahaha
  20. Summertime

    Summertime Member

    Hmmm...for once my exams are actually not all that bad, timing wise. I had French on Thursday that I think (hope!) went okay, Spanish is on Wednesday, then English on the 25th and History on the 10th June, which means half term revising- :( They are much better than they were last year though- it was 4 or something in one day with GCSEs! Good luck everyone! You'll all do great, :)
    Summer. xx.

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