for all the offsprings of time...poems

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by saffronfrancisburnet, Jun 6, 2006.

  1. to all,its been awhile since touching this machine..

    been lazy........

    a poem...

    within silver, imposing rays.
    That alter and deceive,
    if viewed with mostly
    sheltered, eyes.

    you may weep

    Not so beautiful nor warm,
    upon the shoreline of your skin.
    As golden lovers, awaken
    to our sun.

    you have wept

    slowly, rapids are clearing
    so, tranquil waters rise-
    rise upon your shoreline
    realise this life-(stop hiding)
    they are offsprings of time.....

    lovenpeace from saff.

    for all...
    solely, to stare at whom.
    i whispered softley
    this, that glides through
    our skies. rejoin...
    to insulate that vision
    a maiden upon the moon.
    wash my soul with silver,
    introspective rays.
    completely and free me.
    unchain me, from a history
    of pain...rejoin
    rejoice.inlife ...much more.

    thank you
    lovenpeace from saff

    time has a way of healing but only when we accept
    ourselves...then we accept others...change
    is not hard.......
  2. to all

    i pieced this together over the last few years
    of various poems that have filtered on to
    my pages of paper that lay around my space......

    for all

    ripples crave,salted dreams..
    some how we give .
    to tease that distant lover,maybe
    and longed to touch,to feel .
    freedom.of life.
    come soon,sweet nature
    that divides oceans from seas.
    as we faulter stumble,weep.
    to gather,yet not enforce
    the dream....

    it echoed again,waves
    roll by...
    such dreams do float,do
    drift sometimes..
    come soon, tender river
    that offers eye sight..
    i still dream....longing
    to gather,life...

    lovenpeace from saff
  3. for all who live.....

    this came to me after watching bob dylans
    :No direction home: ; WHAT HAPPENED TO THE HUMAN
    EVEN BEFORE DYLAN where have we gone wrong and why... today this came and i had to right quick sorry for mistakes......

    what can i do,drifting...
    time to fall,not fail
    away from the wilderness
    the taste unreal.yet tender
    upon the lips of youth.
    only shelter brought us hope
    now rain blasts my face...
    around us they kill.species
    of the human race...

    did i miss that impending
    messege that fear was to rule
    so, barefoot i stumbled
    with vivid views.not noticed
    by the many, how we crave,
    how we long, for peace somehow.
    not borrowed time for the wealthy...
    nor lives given for others ,
    to lay down...

    upon our earth of plenty,
    we crave a better view.
    human nature numb,empty
    i stand unshelttered now.
    so delicate our minds,
    it twists and deceives
    so hold your face to the blasts
    the rain is cooler now...
    leading to the movement
    that alters everyone...
    and peace may fall upon us
    if only we remember how long,
    how long we have waited...
    for the taste of freedom....

    thank you lovenpeace from saff......

    be yourselves always be free to the world...
  4. TrippinBTM

    TrippinBTM Ramblin' Man

    Your poetry challenges me in some way I can't describe. It is work to read it, but a pleasure as well, like a job well done. I'm happy you posted these.
  5. thank you
    not many reply with such a desire to read ..

    lovenpeace from saff

    one piece for all....

    so uncovered, the rays become
    to bend and balance my view
    yet blindness persists,to enter....
    this worlds' birthing is our day.
    not only to discover our,human
    footsteps follow.
    the passing rays of silver sorrow
    the depths of seas untold.
    go blindly with your knowledge
    it builds the better days.
    and loving will only enter
    when we raise upon the rays......
    touch within the vains of passion
    see past the pain of living
    and shelter where lovers ,will
    recreate the wounderful begining....
    the beauty of a dawn.for,
    the moon has turned away,
    not tepid moments here, but,
    hungry oceans washing,
    clearing my soul completely .
    thank you to this memory
    i gladly let it flow...
    for waving tides can not
    hold me placing footprints
    in time...your time...
    for all....
    i had to let it go.......

    thank you lovenpeace from saff

    this is just a feeling the thoughts
    crawled on to page
    i left my spoken words behind
    to dance another day....
  6. just alittle feeling to all,
    how we remember how the years go...or do we...

    how happy the heart may be
    the mind can gentle join
    to gather yourselves completely
    only to judge, only to annoy.
    the lonely and reflecting
    the human and its needs
    long before our hungry wants
    bending low on our knees.
    for passion blinds the good man
    it always has done..
    the woman misunderstood.
    giving birth how natural..
    so roll lightly,sail free.
    and let your heart go on opening
    walking tall ,walking in dreams...
    life is long ,so remember,please
    all you do and have done.
    what melts one loving feeling
    has frozen another one....

    this is the life we live
    to sacrifice sometimes,
    and gather ourselves completely
    even often being blind.
    to bulid upon past pain
    past fears of love leaving
    when the sun rises every day.
    only to kiss the moon good night...
    tender hours will surely follow
    once all has been done.
    once golden rays have entered
    and lovers shall dance,yet not alone.
    once we have understanding
    not twisted reality.just
    plain old living,years roll
    on, roll past,you will see....

    thank you lovenpeace from saff

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