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Discussion in 'Independent Living' started by Goatlock, Feb 4, 2011.

  1. Goatlock

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    So traveling taught me a bit about survival and independent living, but that just kinda gave me more questions. The biggest concern or curiosity I'd still have, my inner fat kid being who he is, would be finding food.

    Food stamps are obvious, but a luxury that some people go without. I've spanged and flown signs, which can be great, but that will only get you so far sometimes, or maybe arrested if you've got warrants. I know, for example, Little Ceasars is supposed to be a relatively popular dumpster dive, they regularly throw out their express pizzas, but I've also heard about businesses sometimes sprinkling bleach or rat poison over trashed food to 'deter' (or murder) whoever's hungry enough to eat it. I've never been hunting or had much wilderness experience, so I'd probably get somebody killed if they asked me what berry or mushroom was or wasn't poisonous.

    I've heard supposedly with humans just about everything is edible, it's just whether or not your willing to eat it. Saw some guy on tv eat metal before, but that's maybe not the most helpful kind of information. I'm just asking if anybody has any knowledge about food in general they could share, valuable little tidbits you don't hear everyday.

    Snakes, supposedly great food, maybe people won't feel as guilty killing snakes as they would a little bunny, how do you catch them? Prep them? Cook them? I've no idea. I found a pomegranate tree in cali, first time I'd ever seen one of those fruits and it confused the hell out of me, but it turned out to be kinda good. The first time I cooked a can of chili over a fire it was mouthgasmic, but later somebody told me it's kinda poisonous to cook the food in the can because of the type of metal? Or something? I know how to find the 'fun' kind of mushrooms here in Georgia, but that's about it.

    Would anybody have a hint for swallowing down food you'd otherwise never eat? Cuz I've gotten into some weird fights with myself trying to eat food I don't want when I need to, and nobody wins.

    Any thoughts? Experiences?
    Even "Beer are go good with pizza" would be cool
  2. Vaol

    Vaol Member

    I am very interested in this topic, mostly on edible plants in the wild, but since you mentioned that you are unfamiliar with identification, it is best that you either gather some information on how to identify plants, or just skip this for other food sources.

    Insects - Ants, beetles, termites, grasshoppers and grub are all edible and the soft bodied insects can usually be eaten raw, but the hard shelled insects will have to be cooked and have the wings and legs removed to get rid of parasites. Some ants have honey in their bodies so they may be sweeter than others and you can mash them together for a paste or mix with other food. Worms are good for protein, and can be eaten raw after being dropped in a bucket so it will purify itself (although I could not see myself eating a worm).

    Fish - I don't know too much about fish. Freshwater fish are not poisonous but need to be cooked to get rid of parasites. Saltwater fish caught away from freshwater locations can be eaten raw or cooked (the saltwater eliminates parasites), but there are poisonous saltwater fish (puffer fish, and cow fish from the top of my head). Also, frogs and salamanders can be eaten, but there are poisonous frogs (bright coloured) and toads are poisonous and can be confused with frogs.

    Birds - All birds are edible. They also produce eggs that can be eaten as well. I've been told if you find a nest take a few eggs and mark the rest in the nest. The bird will lay more eggs to replace the others and you can return to take the fresh ones again and leave the marked ones.

    Mammals - All mammals are edible, but polar bears and seals have toxic amounts of vitamin A, platypus has poisonous glands. Savaging mammals may be carrying diseases. It may be difficult to catch the animal, especially if a mother is protecting the young. Any bite can be serious and can get infected. This site will give you information on how to set traps, fish, shelter and the basics on outdoor living :)

    PS: To eat gross foods. If they smell, plug your nose, or even if they taste bad do the same. This will shut off your taste buds :p Hmmm... you could always mix it with something you do like to change the taste.
  3. Vaol

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    I realize that this may sound strange, but I totally misread the question... this would be for emergency survival use of course. I know it may be obvious, but still thought I'd clear this up :)
  4. snowtiggernd

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    Bleach or Rat Poisen on dumpster food...Is there any truth to that?? If I was in the food industry one thing I wouldnt want to have happen is someone getting sick or dead from eating contaminated or poisoned food from the dumpster. The word of mouth that would get around would be bad for the buisness. Even done for the purpose of exterminating rats isnt it illigal to poison food anyways?? That could end up in a lot of legal issues.
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    realize this is a late answer, but if you still around the forums, there is a supplement called survival tabs. it is a concentrated protien and vitamin tablet and the body can survive up to 2 weeks off nothing else but 12 tabs a day
  6. River 1509

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    Interesting topic
  7. zombiewolf

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    A lactating female walrus still produces many gallons of milk for weeks after death.
  8. So if you were to eat a bit of the walrus you just hunted and killed for food, you could have a nice glass of milk with your meal? Not saying I would ever do this, but still, it'd be interesting to know. :daisy:
  9. zombiewolf

    zombiewolf Senior Member

    I didn't say anything about hunting them,
    but you might find one dead washed up on the beach...:2thumbsup:
  10. Hahah, I'll be sure to keep an eye out. I can't find a good emoticon to express my incredibly sharp eyes. :p
  11. A lot of food places don't like to just throw away the food. You can politely ask for the food. For example they won't sell oblong shaped fruits no one wants to buy, non fresh bakery items, or food that is one day past the best buy date, you can ask and get it for free.

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