Follow-on to curvy women. Hairy women

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  1. My feeling is depends. Depends on where the extra hair is at. I dated this Russian gal about 28 years ago that had lots of dark silk like hair on her head to her mid back. Leg ,face and pit hair she kept shaved off but I could imagine those locations had a lot of hair. She had the hairest pussy I had ever seen. A man could suffocate eating that pussy though I'll admit well worth the risk. Inserting your member was like coming in for a soft landing.
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    yeah, depends on where and how much. a female wookie is not appealing in any way. thick hair where hair is supposed to grow anyway, that can be a good thing. hair where hair grows but is typically groomed away, i'm usually not a fan but it's not necessarily a dealbreaker.
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    my man likes a small stashe between my legs on top head all rest gone
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    Your'e Baaaaaack.....Where Have You Been.....???.. :anguished:

    Cheers Glen.

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