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    When you meditate do you find it hard to focus, do you try to think of something or is the idea to think of nothing? Does this change the more you do it and do you feel your self carried away with thoughts, does this happen often or never?
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    If you think like that it will be hard to meditate! Just don't try anything, i try to focus on a repeting, monotone sound , like a clock ticking or the hum of the computer.

    Good Luck :)
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    Well, since it's kinda hard to put your attention or focus on nothing you need to concentrate on something. Many people find the breath easy to concentrate on. When you inhale feel the air flowing through your nostrils and feel your chest expand. Keep focused on your breath and if thoughts steal your concentration bring your focus right back to your breath.

    It may seem like an uphill battle at first, but the more you do it the better you will get at it; just like anything.

    Hope this helps alittle.
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    I like trying to be a witness to my you sit there and when a thought arises witness yourself thinking if you start thinking of food or something notice the thought and disregard it...
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    I'm not an expert meditator, but I try to focus on my breath, in and out, deep and calm and steady.

    Or, I just sit there and clear my mind, then focus on the clear mind. It's hard to describe, but it's sort of like watching a toaster, waiting for the bread to pop up, where the bread is a though. So you clear your mind, and watch and wait. Ironically, the more you pay attention to your thoughts, the less thoughts you have. I hear people say to "watch yourself thinking" but that never works for me, as soon as I notice a thought while I'm meditating, it stops. The trick is to stay aware, that's the hard part.
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    Developing the witness is a formal way of meditating, I believe. I have used that myself.

    I could never just boring.

    When walking I sometimes form a circle with my forefinger and thumb on each hand. Then just walk normally with my hands at my side. I use it as a way to maintain awareness without attracting attention. No one ever notices.

    Before going to sleep I sometimes listen to the "sound of silence" in my head. This will be a ssssss type of "sound". As you concentrate on it, it will change pitch. I read somewhere that there are 7 different pitch changes possible.
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    The first time I meditated it was extremely hard for me to focus. I was sure that I was "doing it wrong". My mind constantly wandered on different trains of thought, and afterward I immediately grew frustrated with myself. I had believed that by sitting down once, I would immediately reach a higher level of spirituality. My intent had been misguided, and it was only after the third or fourth time that I saw the calm beauty of meditation.

    Every time I meditate, thoughts pop into my head. Obviously, trying to think of nothing does not help to calm the mind. Therefore, I have always used my breath as a guide. Sometimes I become focused on a specific part of my breathing, sometimes I just remain aware of it. Anyway, if thoughts arise in the course of my meditation, (and they always do) I simply refocus my attention on my breath. Of course, sometimes my mind goes on a tangent, but the more I do meditation, the easier it is to guide myself back to the action of breathing.

    Haha, but don't listen to me too much, I haven't had much time to meditate recently. I am a bit ashamed for I still manage to find the time to watch tv and waste time on the computer, yet when it comes to meditation, somehow time eludes me!

    :) In love,

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    Look at the fact YOU create all Your Thoughts
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    I know what you mean, but you can't over think something like that, it'll ruin your meditation. Doing a chant, even in your mind, works best on helpin you zone out in meditation..... om om om om om om om om.... :)

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