Discussion in 'Dreams' started by borut16, Jan 3, 2005.

  1. borut16

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    Hey anybody kind enough to tell me what my dreams' meaning could be? :)

    I dreamt that I was somewhere in this place by some small didn't really have a strong stream, but the river...i hardly remember it.

    The most important was this thin line of water; like an inch or two wide and i could step over it and there was also some tree (apple, i believe).
    The place by the river was very green (meadow) and quite flat, except this embossment, which was just high enough i had to climb it up, i couldn't step on it...

    Well, first I wanted to get on this embossment and i just jumped and it was like Moon's gravity, i kinda flew. Then I took a run and i didn't worry about falling down from the embossment (as I would normally), i just ran and jumped and fell (softly; remember the Moon gravity) right before that thin line of water/river and i didn't step past it, i jumped again and i could kinda fly coz of that gravity.

    I don't remember further, but I can remember most of the things vividly.

    Any ideas what this could mean?
    Anything to do with this girl I fancy (she seems so nice, this far we're just friends, but we got closer past the last months. Perhaps once something more will happen, I don't really know) maybe?

    Thanks for being so kind to interpret my dreams.

  2. Ann-Akim

    Ann-Akim Member

    i study psychology, but the only thing i can say that if water was pure it is really good. and flying is to lucky marriage as i know
  3. Moving_cloud

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    Hello borut16

    now that I read your dream I remember the lush green place I was visiting tonight, and holding its memory in the morning. Someone brought me there in a car, and I half flying jumped down the embankment which was real steep but all soft ... water was running in small streams, and crossing it I found a sacred site, an altar made of bright shale tiles. Have you seen the little white healing flowers, too, that were spread all over the ground ?

    So what does your dream mean, and what means flying.

    Setting your own self free, with the help of those who fill your heart to make it jump, and spread its wings, and fly without worries ... while being held by the forces of gravitation, and experiences that draw you ... to know who you are, in the pure essence of being.

    Well now I hope this gives you some thought food. And thank you for sharing !
  4. borut16

    borut16 Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    Oh yea, water was very this great blue colour, like the clean sea. That's great then, hehe.

    Nope, not that I'd remember.

    The thing about flying gives me some thought food, hehe. Thanks for being so kind to interpret my dreams!


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