Flying is safe but don't drink the water.

Discussion in 'Amsterdam' started by WE1, Jan 19, 2005.

  1. WE1

    WE1 Member

    It now appears that the drinking water stored aboard US airliners is bad and getting worse, and not better,despite government warnings on the required sanitation improvements,the EPA has recently said.

    About one in six airliners in this latest round of testing conducted in November thru December found drinking water that badly failed to meet even the minimum federal safety and health standards,the EPA said. Similar tests in August and September showed the water in one in eight aircraft testing positive for coliform bacteria.

    This latest round of testing produced positive results for presence of the bacteria in 29 out of 169 randomly selected passenger aircraft carrying domestic and international passengers. The tests were done on water from the galley and lavatory faucets on planes at 14 airports chosen throughout the United States. My advise would be to only drink bottled fluids once your on your flight from any location within the United States.
  2. clockworkorangeagain

    clockworkorangeagain femme fatale

    haha i always carry my own water bottles....pure water is so hard to find these days... everyone needs a rainwater tank...
  3. velvet

    velvet Banned

    Dutch tapwater is great though.. I drink it a lot (hmm... although... maybe that would explain.... :p).. even in the bigger cities like Amsterdam.. no prob. Just buy a small bottle and refill it with normal tapwater.. cheap and good!
  4. monosphere

    monosphere Holly's Hubby

    I gotta wonder what's worse? bAd water or no water at all? My flight to Amsterdam resulted in a water shortage. None for drinking or washing your hands with, none for coffee or tea. Bad situation. I had to stick to sodas and juice for the last couple of hours on the flight.
  5. Kastenfrosch

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    weird... in all flights I have done so far you get ready filled drinking water from nestlé affiliated watercompanies... so... no worry about bugs in drinkin water...
  6. KansasCity

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    The water to watch for is the water used for brewing tea and coffee.

    I always bring a bottle or two of water on board with me, and ask for another bottle whenever the flight attendents are serving drinks.
  7. Kastenfrosch

    Kastenfrosch Blaubeerkuchen!! HipForums Supporter

    yeah... but that water is boiled, and boiling kills almost every bacteria. if they tested it before it was boiled yes... sure it might contain stuff. but boiled water doesn't. most bacteria start to die at 60° C, and boiling is 100°
  8. KansasCity

    KansasCity Member

    Sorry, but most drip coffee makers like the ones used in airlines only bring the water up to around 190 degrees farenheit, and doesn't boil the water for the three minutes minimum that most sanitarians reccomend for killing bacteria.
  9. WE1

    WE1 Member

    For the most part it appears as if only bottled fluids are being served by United Airlines.They said they even use bottled water to make the coffee and tea they serve. But,it appears,the water used for washing your hands still comes from the internal storage tanks. Gee,I wonder if its even safe to wash your hands?

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