Flux Deluxe psy night in liverpool 27th Feb

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  1. freeytrap

    freeytrap Guest

    Big excited hello to you all xx xx

    Welcome to Flux Deluxe

    We are a party crew consisting of –

    Gary Magoosa – Event organizer and Dj
    Freeytrap and Buttons – décor Artists
    Lorraine and Pentra Elf– resident Dj’s

    We got plans to bring you superfine Psy-trance music of the most mind expanding and beautiful nature all wrapped up in deep colour and swirling light.

    Our home will be the annexe rooms of Nation, Liverpool. We have used it once before and loved it. It has a huge sound system as you might expect from Cream with a perfectly sized dance floor just right for focusing the good energy we got flowing through us. There is a large bar with comfy seats and covered outside smoking area to boot.

    We got a party planned for Friday 27th Feb - Gary is of sorting out a Nano Dj to come join us…more on that when things are in place…

    Tax will be 8 for a ticket or 10 on the door.

    Times will be 10 – 6

    Plus for afters we got the MelloMello opening till 9am for those who want fine coffee tea n cakes and someplace comfy to chat about all them way-out dance moves you just seen.

    You can also find us on Facebook (will be updated soon) and we have a website in the pipeline...

    Much love and warm hugging to U all

  2. Quoth the Raven

    Quoth the Raven RaveIan

    Sounds good! Liverpool's a bit far, but good on yer mate :D

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