Fluoride Free Toothpaste and Shower Filter

Discussion in 'Health' started by AfricaUnite, Jun 23, 2006.

  1. AfricaUnite

    AfricaUnite Member

    I just used floride free toothpaste for the first time and it feels awesome, I have a desire to brush for longer knowing that aluminum by-products are not going in my mouth.

    I also just got a shower filter to remove the chlorine, that feels great also, our skin is a big absorbant surface! anyone else have any tips for minimizing our exposure to harsh chemicals/poisons like fluoride, chlorine?
  2. drumminmama

    drumminmama Super Moderator Staff Member Super Moderator

    good for you on the filter and the toothpaste.
    just a note, flouride is not an aluminum by product, it is a mineral in its own right.
    Are you thinking of the aluminum in anti-persperants, perhaps?

    I have soft teeth, making one of those who can gain benefit from flouride, so I have a flouride free toothpaste and a rinse so I control how much me teeth get.
    My water filter takes it out of city water (and I'm simply assuming the city water is flourodated... I'll check next week)
  3. Pressed_Rat

    Pressed_Rat Do you even lift, bruh?

    Sodium Fluoride is a by-product of commercial-grade aluminum manufacturing.
  4. AfricaUnite

    AfricaUnite Member

    I believe Calcium Fluoride is a mineral, the stuff they put in toothpaste sodium fluoride is an inorganic compound. This is what I believe after reading wikipedia.
  5. drumminmama

    drumminmama Super Moderator Staff Member Super Moderator

    monosodium flourophosphate is the industrial by product? nu?
  6. drumminmama

    drumminmama Super Moderator Staff Member Super Moderator


    significant coment worth further research:
    Mary Hayes of the American Dental Association presents some further information:

    "Fluoride is a naturally occurring element that prevents tooth decay when ingested systemically or applied to teeth topically. The fluoride ion comes from the element fluorine. Fluorine, the 13th most abundant element in the earth's crust, is never encountered in its free state in nature. It exists only in combination with other elements as a fluoride compound. It is found in this form as a constituent of minerals in rocks and soil everywhere. Water passes over rock formations containing fluoride and dissolves these compounds, creating fluoride ions. The result is that small amounts of soluble fluoride ions are present in all water sources, including the oceans.

    "Fluoride is present to some extent in all foods and beverages, but the concentrations vary widely. All water contains some fluoride naturally. Water fluoridation is the process of adjusting the fluoride content of water to the recommended level for optimal dental health. In the U.S., the optimum concentration for fluoride in the water has been established in the range of 0.7 to 1.2 parts per million (ppm). The specific optimum for a locality is dependent on the average annual temperature for the region.

    "Researchers believe there are several mechanisms by which fluoride achieves its anticaries (cavity-preventing) effect. It reduces the solubility of enamel in acid by converting hydroxyapatite into less soluble fluorapatite; it may exert an influence directly on dental plaque, reducing the ability of plaque organisms to produce acid; and it promotes the remineralization of tooth enamel in areas that have been decalcified by acids.

    "Most likely, fluoride works by a combination of these effects. But the remineralization effect of fluoride is of prime importance, because it results in a reversal of the early caries process and it gives rise to an enamel surface that is more resistant to decay.
    Answer posted on October 21, 1999
  7. nimh

    nimh ~foodie~

    yeah, it would be lovely if the flouride that's widely used in dental 'product' was the naturally occuring kind of flouride (or maybe not even then, see attached links to articles),


    the dental product industry uses a type of flouride that is a byproduct of aluminum manufacture.

    and get this~flouride actually facitates the uptake of aluminum into the brain. they work synergistically together. we all know that aluminum is found in the neuron tangles in the brains of pple with alzheimers... how does it get there?

    debunking flouride
    crack in the flouride front
  8. AfricaUnite

    AfricaUnite Member

    I wonder if high end government officals who know the REAL DEAl with this stuff brush with fluroide toothpaste?
  9. guy

    guy Senior Member

    hydrofluorosilicic acid added to water to "fluoridate" it is an insidious poison, look it up in material safety data sheets (industry uses this for risk management), read it and weep.

    naturally occurring fluoride can be found in ordinary tea - just imagine it! one cup is enough per day. the english are well known tea drinkers yet they are renown for their terrible teeth. i'll take my chances with tea rather than waste pumped out by the fertiliser industry, yes i've rung up the water board about this and they admitted that this is where the fluoride product is created.

    want better teeth? take minerals. by the way, the australian health authorities have decided that the safe dosage for fluoride waste by products is actually unknown as no studies into long term exposure have been done but this does not stop it being added to the water.
  10. Inquiring-Mind

    Inquiring-Mind Senior Member

    "Sodium fluoride is also an ingredient in toothpaste that prevents cavities." from wikipedia

    so, what is truth?
  11. Pressed_Rat

    Pressed_Rat Do you even lift, bruh?

    Just because it's on Wikipedia, doesn't mean it's true.
  12. guy

    guy Senior Member

    if sodium fluoride is safe, buy some and eat some, you can purchase it from a chemical wholesaler no doubt.

    as a disclaimer - in no way do i endorse the eating of sodium fluoride. the above tract is a hypothetical only.

    (a word of warning, read the msds (material safety data sheet) on this product and act accordingly to its information. )
  13. nimh

    nimh ~foodie~

    there's a reason for the warning label on toothpaste. there's enough flouride in a tube of toothpaste to kill a child. :(

    please dont eat flouride. :(
  14. Maggie Sugar

    Maggie Sugar Senior Member

    "Fluoridation" in water as well as toothpaste only occured after white sugar was availble to the general public, in large quantities and in affordable prices. This, in most people, contributed to increased dental caries, not the "lack" of fluoride. Of course, some people do have soft enamel, or a thin enamel layer, which, even if they lived in the days before processed sugar, would have had problems with caries (we see evidence of dental abcesses bad enough to kill people in ancient Egyptian mummies, including Rameses the third, I beleive.)

    Also, exposure to antibiotics in large quantities can damage tooth enamal. The only one of my kids who has any problems with caries is the one who had the (geneticallly caused) ear infections, and was subjected to (I now know) too much antibiotics.
  15. wiccan_witch

    wiccan_witch Senior Member

    I just found out about the fluoride in toothpaste being a by product of aluminum a week or so ago. What a scandal! Theres so much going on in the world that we don't know about.
  16. AfricaUnite

    AfricaUnite Member

    I hear that, thank god theres a wide variety of fluoride free toothpaste in my neck of the woods.
  17. glass_girl

    glass_girl Member

  18. guy

    guy Senior Member

  19. wiccan_witch

    wiccan_witch Senior Member

    I'm going to look for some and dtich Colgate! To be honest most of the time when people on here harp on about various corporate products being evil I just think 'oh god here we go', but this one I really do think is serious and its amazing people in high places are getting away with it.
  20. AfricaUnite

    AfricaUnite Member

    Hey pay someone enough money and they'll find a way to put lead in your toothpaste (Im pretty sure there was lead in our toothpaste back when lead was thought to be natures magic compound.)

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