Discussion in 'Find-A-Ride' started by Maria420, May 9, 2004.

  1. Maria420

    Maria420 Member

    Anyone need a ride, I'm leaving tampa florida and heading up to cleveland, ohio the end of may 04
  2. chime

    chime Member

    hey, i might get back to you on that one. i kinda need to get home this weekend though. anyone on the forum headed from tampa to tallahassee or ultimately to pensacola this weekend? drop me a line. i should be at skipper's tonight (the blonde with bells on) trying to line something up. i do have a small dog, a little gas money and a valid driver's liscense.
  3. Maria420

    Maria420 Member

    i was at skippers thursday night. did you see that ladie in the tye die shirt and rainbow beanie...... yea i know that seems like everyone but she was very manly looking and was fighting in the bathroom.

    anyways i was dancing in the drum cirlce with jean skirt and marley shirt and weed leaves in my hair.
  4. chime

    chime Member

    how the hell did i miss that?? i was with a date that night and wasn't my usual social self. i was wearing a maroon halter dress with bells on the front. we left before the band was finished however. if i am stuck in tampa next week i am going to ask skippers if i can vend. do you know how much they charge? i make patchwork clothes and hats.

    anyway, still needing to get to tallahassee at least as soon as possible. any brothers or sisters out there headed that way?
  5. shysodapop

    shysodapop Member

    anyone ever around the jacksonville area?
  6. chime

    chime Member

    hey - i made it back to pensacola thanks to the incredibly good energy of a brother (lovin' you drew!). my thoughts are with all of you out there on the road. may they be as kind to you as mine have been.

    i don't really know anyone in the jacksonville area, my friend, hope you find someone. this is a really great forum and a good resource for whatever you need. i'm sure if you post in the right place someone out there in hippie cyber-space will find you.

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