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  1. Moon_Beam

    Moon_Beam zaboravljas

    I have been seeing quite a few "floaters" in my eyes for about a year, i'm short sighted so I know that makes it more common and I went to the optician a few days ago to get it checked. He said that he couldn't see any evidence of them and that my eyes were healthy so for now I shouldn't worry, but if they get worse I should go back!

    I'm still worried though! Does anyone else have them?
  2. dspiel

    dspiel Member

    I get them a lot, and they're particularly distracting under certain conditions -- I have a horrible time trying to use microscopes because the floaters bug me.

    Seeing them isn't really a big deal, but if it's at the point where they disturb your normal vision, then you ought to follow up with a doc. If they're just hanging out now and not causing any trouble, then just stick with your optometrist said and come back if they get worse.

    I often mention my floaters to optometrists and apparently it's just the norm for near-sighted folks.
  3. Grim

    Grim Wandering Wonderer

    They are just happy little varmints enjoying the cool sea of your eye jelly!
    Wave to them, but don't wink at them - you'll annihilate their society and crush their children.
  4. Gaston

    Gaston Loup Garou

    Haha, I have them. I also have migraines with "aura", which in my case is like the firefly version of floaters. And, our yard is full of gnats, and they have found a way into the house through the basement drains. So, I see little swirling clouds of things most of the time.

    It's the show that never ends, I feel like I ought to be paying admission. (not)
  5. My mom has them and she is worried that she will end up going blind because of them. I heard eye doctors say otherwise, though.

    Unfortunately, I don't know much about it.
  6. I have them too...today I was outside looking up at the sky and could see a whole bunch of them. I usually only really notice them when I am gazing up at the sky.
  7. FinnishButterfly

    FinnishButterfly JennyJelly

    I thought you were talkin about the crap that floats in the toilet.... i see these cool asse tiny shiny, sparkling white dots that spin around and "dance" and shoot around but usually it's only one or when i kissed my husband sometimes it's like a million..... is that the same thing
  8. fitzy

    fitzy Member

    floaters are just small pieces of debris that are present in your vitreous fluid (the jelly-like substance inside your eyes). This kind of debris is in everyone, and you only notice if it gets in the line of your fovea (the center of vision). This is why is seems like you can't quite look at it, you are always following it, since when your eye moves it moves. They disappear once they move away from this field of vision. It should only be a concern if it is present for a long time and does not go away or gets larger (could be a sign of other problems, such as macular degeneration). Hope this helps!

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