flat dreads?..just.not trying to avoid em^^

Discussion in 'Dreadlocks' started by soul_drummer, Apr 28, 2007.

  1. soul_drummer

    soul_drummer ~dready drummer~

    so..this may be weird..but i have been wondering this for a while now. one of my friends bought me this photo-journal type book called Dreads. it's amazing^^. i've had it since about 3-4 weeks after i started my dreads, so it's been awesome for me to have. there are only a few caucasions in the book with dreadlocks, the rest are mostly Rastafarians, and a few from asian descent. my question is this, can caucasions get dreadlocks that look like this..

    not sure if some don't want that, i know my friend think it's nasty..lol. but i really like those! not quite that big..lol..but there are other ones in the book that are MUCH MUCH smaller..i just like how they look. just not totally sure if caucasions could get them. i'll be sad if i can't, but i've got to know^^

  2. Osama_Llama

    Osama_Llama Member

    Congo ahoy o.o
  3. soul_drummer

    soul_drummer ~dready drummer~

    lol...tis what i was thinking earlier on, so i went ahead and let two of some smaller ones on the back of my head go together, and they actually aren't very round as much as they are flat and kinda fat..lol. but not really sure if they'll be like those in the pic..lol
  4. Osama_Llama

    Osama_Llama Member

    Have you tried kind of like mashing them between your palms and rubbing up and down, like the opposite of palm rolling?
  5. soul_drummer

    soul_drummer ~dready drummer~

    hhmmmm..nah..haven't tried that. they're kinda in an odd place back there, but i think i could definately try!..lol.

    i'm just wondering if caucasion hair even can really get like that. cuz that hair texture is totally different...lol.
  6. deadheaven

    deadheaven Member

    yup cacausian hair can beavertail just like that, just never rip apart your congos it will take a while but eventually it will start to look just like that
  7. soul_drummer

    soul_drummer ~dready drummer~

    no ripping, and patience^^..lololol


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