Discussion in 'LSD - Acid Trips' started by Stiritup, Apr 4, 2007.

  1. Stiritup

    Stiritup Member

    hey, have any of you guys ever gotten an acid flashback? I never have, and I don't know anyone that has so I was wondering if it was a myth. If is does happen, what triggers it?
  2. eshu

    eshu Member

    yes I've gotten it, no it isn't a myth and anything may trigger it ;)
  3. PsychMyke

    PsychMyke Senior Member

    A flashblack is an emotional state triggered by outside envirnmental influences...it puts you back into the same mind set as you were in on a certian trip (I.E. paranoa, fear, panic, happyness, sadness etc) Flashbacks are not when you reenter a trip and start spinnin face at random points...the definition i just gave is from the book "acid dreams, a social history of lsd"....and even they admit, the cause and even definition is still a mystery because they are so rare and everyones explination of their flashbacks vary in depth from color trailing to some poeople who vidily hallucinate...which i think is bullshit personally
  4. StayLoose1011

    StayLoose1011 Senior Member

    It's not bullshit, trust me. Some people just have some mild persisting vision, where things might appear to wiggle or move when you zone out, something like that... A lot of what you say PsychMyke is true, it is basically like you go back to that emotional state of panic, etc., but I think it is much more complicated than that. But yeah they do exist - I have had experiences while high on pot that were I'd say like 90% of an acid trip - I'd say the only real difference was no trails and not much swirling or anything like that, but the experiences did include strong hallucinations (first the computer is right in your face, then it's a mile away, that kind of thing), weird feelings of depersonalization/out of body, EXTREME mind racing... Serious stuff. Thankfully save for one very brief episode of depersonalization the morning after I had a flashback, I've never had any issues when I wasn't high as shit, but i could see how it could happen to someone even in a state of sobriety. Not trying to scare anyone off, because it seems like most do occur when people are high, and I think only in sensitive individuals (I believe I am one), but it's something be aware of.
  5. PsychMyke

    PsychMyke Senior Member

    the flashbacks i get are just mild hppd symptoms..i know this guy whos clearly never eaten acid in his entire life, yet he claims he gets flashbacks of a clown on the street corner whenever hes walking around from dose he ate in the 90's...but the way he talks about acid and describes it makes it obvious hes so full of shit...so maybe its not bullshit with some folks but alot of people are just on a desperate plea for attention.
  6. Hemisphere

    Hemisphere Member

    I can personally attest to the fact that this DOES happen.

    I had a bad acid trip about half a year ago (or a little more now, nearly 2/3rds), and I'm still having flashbacks from it to this day.

    It doesn't affect my day to day life, and it no longer really phases me at all when it happens - In fact it only ever happens now when I'm under the influence of other drugs - specifically MDMA, but occasionally weed too, though I don't smoke that anymore.

    The worst flashback I ever had was a couple of months after the trip - I was at a party in Brighton, it had just finished, and everyone was leaving. I was at the door, helping hand out flyers to people as they came through the door, when all of a sudden I was completely, 100%, thrown back into a stage of my trip, where it had seemed like the entire world was one huge mental asylum - everyone was crying, there were moans like the sounds people with downs syndrome make, people were trying to comfort each other but the situation was hopeless, because there were no sane people to keep things under control.

    That lasted about 3 seconds, and suddenly everything is back to normal, and I slightly shakily offer the nearest person a flyer, not realising I'd already given her one. She gave me a bit of a funny look - I guess I must have pulled a pretty scary face during those 3 seconds.

    Besides that, what I usually get is just like a split second flashback during which people's faces morph in a demonic way - similar to in Lord of the Rings, where Bilbo jumps at Frodo for the ring, only far more intense, because it's "real". It always takes me offguard, but as I say, since it only happens now under the influence of other drugs (specifically I think because I'd taken MDMA during that bad trip aswell), it doesn't really bother me - it's all part of the experience, and very much seperate from my day to day life.

    As to what causes it, I can confidently say that, in my case at least, it's a case of the audiovisual stimuli, in the situation I'm in, being so similar to those I was subjected to during the trip itself, that it causes my brain to "remember" it so vividly, that it percieves the two situations to be the same. Why that means my mind decides to show me it again, is beyond me, but I guess it's like a mild form of the sort of flashbacks people got from the Vietnam war. When you see something so terrible, the memory sticks in your mind so vividly as for it to recall the sights and sounds directly, rather than as mere thoughts and memories.
  7. katattack

    katattack Member

    (just going to clear up that its a myth that lsd is stored in fat cells and released when you burn energy, causing flashbacks. entirely false.)
  8. young_deadhead

    young_deadhead I Love Lucy

    ill get flashbacks but not so much anymore since i havent done LSD in a long long time. But when i do they arent very intense or anything ill just see squiggles in the sky and fall down my windshield when im driving and sometimes ill see a picture on the wall or floor.
  9. 2cesarewild

    2cesarewild I'm an idiot.

    Flashbacks aren't just with LSD, they are a psychological phenomenon, and a good example (maybe it's bad) is Vietnam Veterans who have flashbacks. Basically it's a symptom of PTSD. Any traumatic experience can cause you to have flashbacks.
  10. Colimon

    Colimon Cheesus Christo

    I belive that I've had a flashback sitting in school months after doing LSD. Reality just began to slip away for a split second and made me feel happy, but it was the only thing I've only experienced so far...
  11. prismatism

    prismatism loves you

    i get flashbacks when i eat mexican food. i swear. and it makes no sense because i didn't eat mexican food when i did acid. i even seriously considered for a good 30 seconds the first time it happened that the salsa might have been dosed. :D ha :D :D :D
  12. katattack

    katattack Member

    Psychosomatic responses are physical movements that bring back a thought or memory, and that sort of thing can happen with touch, taste, smell, sight - any outer stimuli, even something tiny. (I just dn't know the other scientific terms lol) They can happen at any time.
  13. tripoli

    tripoli Member

    Yes, I have, a couple of times, but it was no big deal.

    It was never a full-blown trip. It was more like I noticed colors were brighter and sounds were louder, and I usually always notice the reflections in things that I didn't notice before.

    For me, what brought it on was stress and hunger.

    It never lasted more than about a half-hour or so, and it was fairly easy to cope.
  14. Hemisphere

    Hemisphere Member

    Hey I do that too, and it's not just that. Acid use increases your overall perception in many useful ways (imo).

    I'm always seeing things these days that I would usually completely ignore, and it's not trippy at all, it's just fun, and sometimes useful.

    I also find it MUCH easier to spot squirrels/birds and other small animals in trees and bushes.

    If I were a naturally functioning human (ie, a human working as our bodies are designed - hunter/gatherers), I would be far more effective at survival than I was before I'd done acid.

    More evidence perhaps for Terrance McKenna's "stoned ape" theory :p
  15. tripoli

    tripoli Member

    I'm amazed that you said that, because just recently, I've been doing the same thing.
  16. Stand.

    Stand. Member

    I've had flashbacks, but not caused by acid. It was triggered by a song, which brought me back to the exact way I had felt in the past. Once I turned the song off, I went back to feeling normal.
  17. tmiddled

    tmiddled Member

    as 2cesarwild said, it is not just an acid thing. I read a theory a little while ago as to why they occur. Think about some experience that makes you really happy, sad, angry or whatever. Could be if you went to war, latter on you may get put back into the mindset of that war as it was such a traumatic experience. Also when you hear a song that reminds you of good tims you may get a funny feeling in your stomach and feel really really happy. Same deal. Because taking an acid trip is such a pivitol point in your life and amazingly strong experience it is only normal that you will get flashbacks into it as you would if you went to war or something.

    Try getting a friend to hypnotise you and get him to put you back in the mindset of the best part of the best LSD experience you've ever had. Never done it but should be a bucket of fun
  18. Neuronaut7

    Neuronaut7 Member

    I used to think that flashbacks only refered to visual things, and that didn't fly with me because I've always been able to make my mind play visual tricks on me (perhaps why I don't find acid to be all that visually stimulating) but there have been a few times recently where I feel that I'm having flashbacks as part of a dream sequence. It'll happen either when I'm annoyed/frustrated when I'm going to sleep, or if I hit those sorts of emotions while sleeping. That can be pretty intense, especially if it happens while I'm sleeping and it causes me to be half awake for it.

    One other time that it happened and actually did cause some mild visualizations was on St. Patrick's day, after drinking for like 6 hours or so and then goin to see my girlfriend...I came home in a very worn out, elated, and bored mood so I went to bed like three hours earlier than I normally would have. I woke up about three hours later and started looking around the basement (I was stayin at my parents house that night) and saw what reminded me of the first stages of CEV's from mushrooms. They got a little more complex, I started seeing wolves and such sort of materialize, and the broken thought fractals came back. It got very annoying after a while cuz I just wanted to go to sleep but I was re-experiencing several of the moods from my large mushroom trip from back in December....several moods all at once.

    Another one that's happened twice now is the feeling of slipping away, like I'm going to leave this reality and enter another, like the afterlife. I was sitting in IPC 102 and imagined myself walking out of the classroom building, looking up at the stars and simply collapsing, dead, and moving on toward some other reality/life/experience. I felt as though I was looking back on me sitting in class but that I had already died. That was pretty weird, having that strong feeling of depersonalitzation (not really like ego loss, but more like consciousness separation from the body) but when I knew it shouldn't happen. Another time was waking up from a nap, feeling as though I was so happy with my current situation that I could simply disconnect my mind from my body and leave and enter the Eternity that I saw on my first strong acid trip.
  19. RancidPunx

    RancidPunx Member

    I can honestly say that's the scariest thing i've ever heard of.

    loss of control is fucking crazy.
  20. RancidPunx

    RancidPunx Member

    Sorry to quote you TWICE, but the "Stoned Ape" theory is pretty funny to me because one time not too long ago,

    I got really fucking stoned with a few pals and we went on a journey to Walgreens for Arizona ice tea... and it turned out, I had forgotten how to walk.

    I walked with the posture of an actual fucking ape. something like this:

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