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    Dear Old Crone,

    I just want to say a Thankyou for your last reply regarding my fits I was having in my sleep - via Referman's Email.

    I have another question concerning these flashbacks I get - since I can remember as a small child. I start to (though am semi-conscious still in this world visually) see and experience an unpleasant experience where I see (like a movie) sequence of events, not from this life, that I find frightening and disturbing.

    I have tried to figure out what it is, to no avail, and would like very much your help upon this matter, as your last reply about my fits has helped me very much.

    Much appreication,
    Love Hoyan
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    If I can...​
    (assuming i'll certainly miss the point;) )​

    I do not know what Old Crone will tell but...

    In my experience, there is a moment where you can create and have "a power" on what is dreamed and finally is imagined.

    You cannot control the whole of it, but you can fix limits and be a witness that learn when it happens.

    I actually did learn a lot about me direct in the dreams: taking it for my own and being honest, while dreaming.

    I do think that the thing that are dreamed are real, for the dreamer first, and sometimes in general (because to be true is one of the limit you can consciously fix to your dreams)
    scary huh?

    But the thing i wished to add is that you are conscious of it when it happens. If you think it is disturbing, dreams and willingness give you the opportunity to change it.
    You have the "power" or "control" of your dreams. -->lucid dream is making a choice
    What's true for one, is not ultimatly true for the other

    as Old Crone said it so well: No one owns anything, but get trapped when one is sure he is.

    Take care and Hugs
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    Attachments are a bit like kleenex in the dryer. I have litterly had to throw away a shirt that I could not get the kleenx off of. This still has not taught me to check my pockets before the wash gets started. I wonder how many shirts it will take?

    Hi Shakti

    You do not need to get attached to the emotional baggage of the past, present, and or future. Observe and let the emtions go. Learn from the lessons and experiences that present themselves or remind you what you draw unto yourself or even need to face. EMBRACE THE LESSON NOT THE EMOTIONS> This takes work because society wants us emotional, and everything society does is help the ego stay helpless.

    Let me give you an example here. I have mentioned numerous times about how as a child I was chained in this room. I will spare you the details here, but even today there remains a small scar where the chains held me to the wall. I had flash backs, and torments for many years. I felt in many ways the chains just changed. What needed to happen was I needed to let go of my excuses for not moving beyond that moment in time, and how I was letting it define me. I had to embrace the experience, let it go, and reach inside the LESSONS... not the emotions to a deeper healing of spirit, heart, body, and soul.

    The choices were mine. The choices are each one as an individual. They always are. We can make things as bad, or good, as we want. We can stay, or go, and we can learn, and heal. We are our own center reaching for greater awareness. We are Spirit walking through with the flesh a cover. The emotional attachments are like that Kleenex. We can seemingly end up tossing away the garments we wear, or we can learn to check our emotional pockets the first time around. This is not about judgements, and or guilt. This is about you being responsable, and accountable in the midst of your life, and the experiences around you.

    When you can ask are you being true to yourself, and whole from with in.... and find your answer right where you are, then as the prisoner said, "I found by freedom behind the bars that locked, and held me in. Until that time I was never really free.

    So become your change, and you will change the world one choice at a time.

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