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    I will post one poem song here and give a link to the vide .wmv of it to be listened to. This one is about Iraq. It is called headlines.

    song written by Papillon

    I Just need a little hope as I wander down the street.

    Kidnapped by the headlines that keep me on my feet

    Villains and vigilantes ride the same parade

    The media points the arrows and show who to invade

    Graffiti fills the walls they call it regime change

    The music just gets louder and sounding kind of strange

    Call it code orange an new world order western democracy

    When you got the power you can write the A B C


    Have been part of those who’ve been lied to all their lives

    I just know by instinct to read between the lines

    Words from all these experts the generals and the knights

    All these high tech vandals who’ve never seen it right

    When it comes to bleeding I know who’s blood will run

    It’s not the first time they want some killing done

    They are thirsting for heroes they always know the facts

    With a simple speculation they can destroy Iraq


    While uncle Sam keeps tabs and blinks at all our files

    Checking all our credits our mail and how we smile

    While machines just get faster better memory and cup’s

    It all feels like a nightmare in a NAZI zoo

    Meanwhile aids still kills thousands every day

    But that is so far might as well be the milky way

    Short attention deficit disorder affects 58 percent

    Most people don’t even vote for the president


    Meanwhile we see the victims very quickly on TV

    all that collateral damage keeps piling up you see

    Broken lives are harder are harder to repair

    Than bombing cities leaving orphans every-where

    If I was a child living in Baghdad

    They destroyed my school

    And then they killed my dad.

    Then I might differ in opinion deep in my head

    And one day drive a car with a dirty bomb instead


    Children must worry as new enemies come to be

    Driven by their martyrs and leaders on TV

    Finger pointing experts and preachers of Jihad

    Singing to the masses in the angry ciudad

    If a secret deal was stuck in Athens or Hong Kong

    between a fanatic and some-one with a bomb

    Bigotry greed things you can’t ignore

    Especially when your leaders are marching you to war

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