Fish Bowl Sea Candle

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    What you will need:

    Fluted fish bowl

    Candle cup


    Tiny seashells (you can often find these in the dollar stores, as well as on the beach!)

    Small Sea glass, rocks and drift wood (Use whatever you have)

    . Play sand or sterilize your beach sand and dry.

    Fish net, this can be used from your onion netting.

    Small piece of wire

    Small piece of dowel



    Hot glue your candle cup in the center of your fish bowl and start pouring sand in going up about 1/3rd up the candle cup.Insert some of your glass and drift wood,rocks and shells on top and into the sand.

    I paint the picket fence off white and brushed on some glue and dipped into some sand, like it washed onto the fence. And place it into the sand at an angle in the fish bowl sand.

    For the catchers net I made a small circle of wire and twisted the ends for a hoop. Leave enough wire at the end to insert in to small dowel. Hot glued some of the onion net to the hoop. Take a small piece of dowel and with a nail make a whole in the top of the dowel, now insert the wire left at the end of the hoop and hot glue that into the dowel. I hot glued the fishers net to the end of the fence.

    With your thin rope, hot glue it around the neck around, about 3 times the out side. Hot glue some left over shells on the rope and pop your candle in and Enjoy !

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