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Discussion in 'Magic Mushrooms' started by Starfox, Sep 7, 2013.

  1. Starfox

    Starfox Member

    Hey guys,

    In a few days i will be taking magic mushrooms for the first time and i would just like some advice on what to expect or how to prepare. I have 1gram of Copelandia Cyanescens Hawaiian Mushrooms and i believe that these are some of the strongest out there? ( This Hawaiian came as powder (For customs reasons)

    But anyway i was told 1 gram is for a big trip and on the advice of terence mckenna 'the problem is that people don't take enough'

    Im not doing this for recreational use, im doing this because, well basically im drawn to it for the past couple of years, which is much like my spiritual journey, its what led me to go on my first ayahuasca retreat just recently which was only last week, that was amazing, intense, traumatic and a process in the form of a medicine , so to speak.

    Now, how i plan on experiencing my first shroom trip will be in my room in a nice comfortable setting with my favorite music on (electronic progressive trance) and on my big screen i am going to have a few hours of some very spectacular HD footage of time-lapse scenery from some of the most amazing parts of our planet.

    I will also have access to my garden if i can make it outside to see outside and what its like.

    So, am i missing anything or can anyone tell me what else i might need to be prepared for :)


    P.S am i insane to be taking so much for my first trip?
  2. gendorf

    gendorf Senior Member

    plan out your trip and stick to the plan!

    get some good tasting food and drinks.

    your favorite music! something you can loop if you have to.

    just lay back and enjoy.

    getting a sitter would be a good idea. but try to avoid ppl who dont know your trippin.

    Its gonna be alright! first trips are always wonderful! It will be an amazing experience.. Just dont forget to eat!! you might feel weak after a while and that could confuse you because you cant really feel hunger proper. Just have some nuts or some crackers around. and fruits

    have fun!!
  3. Grainpsilo

    Grainpsilo Member

    Fast for 6hours before you take the mushrooms... This will help increase the trip by allowing for fast and complete uptake of the psilocin... Also mushrooms can make you feel a bit nausous and queasy so it is best to have a empty stomach.

    Make sure you can make the room dark as you can become photo sensitive... You pupils will be the size of dinner plates.


    You can also become sensitive to noise so make sure you can easily trun off the music if it gets to noisy...sometimes i can hear my own heart beat or water running through the pipes in my walls on shrooms

    . Id suggest drums or didgeridoo music. The deep throbbing music can be orgasmic as the vibration pulse through your body.

    Pick a comfy location and stay put no matter what.... You can become disorientated and get lost in your bathroom on a large dose if you are not familiar with mushroom tripping. Nature is great on mushrooms but with time dilation and time loops you can have trouble grasping so much input.... Best to stay still your first time out.

    When i come down I am always weak feeling and like my emotions have been run through a ringer..... But feel scrubbed clean like a new copper penny... Like the whole world is new and wonderful

    i always have a craving for orange juice and bean burritos after a trip.
  4. Starfox

    Starfox Member

    wow those eyes :) Thanks for the tips i will have everything i need really, except the sitter.
  5. Jimmy P

    Jimmy P bastion of awesomeness

    Anything nature is always a good idea in my experience.

    And I know it's a stereotype.. but Pink Floyd bro.

    I like to have a couple of doobies ready and rolled up for when I'm coming back down. Also, when I've introduced people to psychedelics, I've always kept a few valium and xanax around in case anyone wants to go to sleep.
  6. Grainpsilo

    Grainpsilo Member

    I have to agree

    pink Floyd the wall is a outstanding album to listen too on mushrooms.
  7. Voyage

    Voyage Noam Sayin

    enjoy :sunny:

    good advice, PF is rarely a bad choice however for me i could imagine The Wall being quite, difficult, on a first deep shroom trip. but all the above boils down to set/setting and you're already aware of the importance of it so all i could add is google 'set and setting' and read, between now and when the time comes.

  8. unfocusedanakin

    unfocusedanakin The Archaic Revival Lifetime Supporter

    Weed is a must when tripping.

    Terrence Mckenna would say 5 dried grams would be a good dose. But there is no problem with starting with a low dose. You do not have to dive into the deep end on your first trip to the pool.
    1 gram is a low dose in my opinion but you may be more sensitive to mushrooms then me or you might have some very potent mushrooms.

    I would say if you have done ayahuasca and are coming back for more you will want more then one gram. Eat 3 g and you will be more inclined to have a spiritual experience.
    My first trip I ate 3.5 grams and it was definitely enough to show me what the experience was but not overwhelm me with it.

    Have you heard of Schpongle? He is not what I would call progressive trance but his music is defintily good electronic trip music. This one has been really intense for me on trips."]Shpongle - Star Shpongled Banner(Fantastic Planet) - YouTube
  9. Starfox

    Starfox Member

    This is the shrooms im taking, and everyone who has taken them tell me 1gram is a high dose for these specifically but i guess i will find out

    The music/visuals i will be watching will be this, keep in my that this is my passion i am in love with this music, and the visual are spectacular :)"]
  10. nectar

    nectar Member

    Hey dude, would be great to hear how everything went, did you stick to the plan? Or did you end up half way up a tree in the garden gazing at the moon? Did you enjoy yourself?

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