first time with 4 aco dmt

Discussion in 'Synthetic Drugs' started by -beatnick, May 6, 2007.

  1. -beatnick

    -beatnick Senior Member

    whats a standard moderate dose? heavy? ive heard its like mushrooms but better.
  2. branflakes

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  3. egle

    egle Member

    tell us how it goes dude
  4. -beatnick

    -beatnick Senior Member

    im most likely trying it next friday. on wikipedia it said doses were from 8mgs-30mgs, and also stated that some had very strong trips off of 15mgs, so im going to buy 35 total, eye out 15 the first time, and ill take 20 the second time, just in case, but anyway.
  5. uplink

    uplink Member

    I'd say around 20mg is equivalent to a good 8th of shrooms (cubes).
  6. -beatnick

    -beatnick Senior Member

    werd, i hear theyre better though, no nausea, or anything.
  7. -beatnick

    -beatnick Senior Member

    alright, so i took around 25 or so mgs of 4 acetoxy dimethyltriptamine at 3:30pm last friday. after getting off the bus at around 3:45 i noticed a body high coming on. i walked up to my friends house and looking over the thruway bridge cars start looking funny. i looked up to the clouds and saw wierd expressions of faces in them before i saw my friend.

    i arrive at my friend's house and go to the bathroom. i feel a breeze and see the curtain flutter. i push it back and see that the window is closed. after going upstairs to my friend's room i feel the feeling of when you're plunging into a hard trip and know that it is the end. i show my friend what i have left of it and he has me blow it, 5mgs or so. i didnt feel it in my nose, but my head went crazy.

    it pretty much started at 4:20 or so, coincidence. i was looking at my friends sublime 40oz to freedom shirt, with the crazy picture, look up at his face and see the picture on his face. its very euphoric around now and im laughing my ass off. we smoke a bowl of some dro and i look outside and see a whole bunch of different landscapes blending, and when i draw my attention back to the room, i see myself in a mirror with a twisted expression on my face. my friend plays some insane tunes on his computer and i bug out to patterns i see on it. then, everything turns yellow and orange and i see the radiator bubbling and melting as well as my friends freckles moving around.

    we go to the basement where we smoke another bowl on the couch. my friend has a three wall space with one wall being hanging blankets. as we smoke, i look at the blankets and they turn into the voids like they had in the matrix, like the beginning of the first one. we listen to some ringtones which drive me insane and i stare at his painting that comes to life.

    after the whole thing in the basement which was probably like 5:30, we started walking to town. my friend had to run back to get money, while i wait, sitting on a ledge looking at stuff and seeing lots of textures and patterns. he comes back in his mom's car with his mom driving. i have never been around parents tripping, and it sort of scared me out of hallucinating for a while.

    when in town, i waited for my friend to buy sour diesel and seeing our bud and dealer, he wasnt recognizable at first and i was like omgwtfbbq. anyway, after that we went to the park and smoked more. then we went to the elementary school around 8 and i saw some people that i usually dont so i thought i was still hallucinating. i took hits out of my bat for a while, and got completely baked and at one time the smoke went up and formed joined hearts.

    i ended up taking the bus home at around 11:30, and as my mom wasnt going to drive me, i had to walk around an hour and a half home, where i thought the people in the cars driving by were out to get me. i arrived home and slept for around 8 hours.

    thoughts: a great trip, comparable to shrooms and more enjoyable, although seemed that the peak lasted a tad bit shorter. the powder i ate tasted like grapefruit rinds though. and i did have some killer ass closed eye visuals and tree bark was moving.

    getting high the next times got me incredibly blasted and i had a minor flashback.

    so yea, apologize for the long read, good substance though.
  8. Blubomber

    Blubomber Member

    where would one even go about getting this?

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