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  1. I have been a weed smoker for the last year now, and it has worked out alright. Last night, I managed to get a tab of LSD from a coworker. He told me this was "weak", but I have no way to tell. So I come home, change into basketball shorts, no shirt (had visions of feeling trapped in my clothes) lights off, bottle of water, watching Mad Men (ironic, there is an episode coming up in my queue that they do LSD). After some hesitation, and reluctance, after horror stories of others I knew who did it, and did too much, I took it.... and nothing happened.

    I continued watching TV. Nothing. 30 minutes passed. I walked out on the porch for a cig. My roomate came out, and told me "I dont know how you can be out here with no shirt, it is freezing" but I wasnt. I was temperature neutral. not cold, not hot, my skin tingled a very little. I looked up, and focused on the stars. I felt a little something. Went back in, watched more TV.

    a few hours later, no shrieking clowns, bears, snakes, nothing ridiculous like the media portrays. I became extremely cold, with the chills. I wrapped up in a blanket and felt like I was fighting the flu. Shortly after, I became overly hot. I felt my extremities, and they were of a normal temperature, but felt hot internally. I ended up laying on the floor, moving around, feeling the carpet, watching TV. I figured that was it, all I was going to experience. I took my bong out and ripped a few.

    A few minutes go by, and the weed started its usual thing, I was standing on my back deck, then, it started happening. I picked up on the sound of morning traffic on the highway nearby, then the birds chirping. I discovered the reason the dogs behind me bark every morning was because of the squirrel trying to come down the tree. I then noticed that the animals, each species, was communicating with each other and in response to other animals. I looked around, pacing in a circle on my deck as I explored the world around me. I began to notice the trees around grew in certain ways so that they didn't crowd each other, that there was a layer or pattern to it. A robin landed in the corner, and I watched it hop through the yard, watching me, probably wondering why the hell im staring at it and turning little by little to follow it across the yard. I began to look at my neighbors yards, and how they planted their trees, and deciphering meanings. Then, I looked up at the trees, and let them go out of focus, then it really hit. It felt like a messed up IMAX, the white posts on the deck, against the trees with the sun on them, popped out, and each leaf and tree had its own layer, as if it were some kind of hologram. it would shake back and forth, like the springy doorstop thing on the back of a door, but I could pull out of it by returning focus, and go back in my losing focus again.

    I walked around, looking at all the plants around, the world, and questioning it all. I then looked into the sky, and saw the clouds in 3D, moving in layers across each other, and I felt like I could see the outer edge of the earth. I looked down a bit, as the sun began coming up, and my vision kept getting brighter, like the urge to look away from the light was gone, and it reminded me of what they say "passing on" supposedly feels like, moving into the light.

    Maybe it was a spiritual awakening, not sure.

    I went back inside, and continued my show. at this point, I felt as if I were being sucked into the show, having a new understanding of each characters part and connections they made, and subtle continuity in the plot. It has now worn off for the most part, but I still feel the fluish heavy "out of body" feeling one gets when sick, and my mind feels clear, like alot of the day-to-day accumulating fog is gone.

    I am no stranger to hallucinations. At the ripe young age of 6, first grade, I became one of many involuntary test subjects of the Ritalin rush of the 90s. Yes, being more focused on the world around me and not on my schoolwork got me Ritalin, Cylert, etc, etc, etc, down the line, at the schools requirement. I remember I woke up on Christmas morning that year, and sneaking out into the living room, then going into an all out terror because I was convinced that a giant bug, that I can only describe as part mosquito, part fly, and part bee, was coming after me. I spent the better half of that christmas morning screaming hysterically and uncontrollably. I guess that was my first "bad trip". At age 6.

    Doing research, I find that it is a known side effect in children. For many years after that, I saw little hallucinations and "fringing" at times, but nothing major. I managed to take myself off of them about 13 years ago, and all the problems they were "trying to fix" went away. In my non-professional non-medical opinion, I believe each "issue" was originally rooted at ritalin and a side effect of each replacement med, playing catch-up. and to this day I am still moving through the process of recovering what was lost in that time.

    After today, I feel different. enlightened. Like I left town, my life, old burdens, then returned, in a matter of hours. Like a vacation, or moving away then coming back. At the same time, I feel broken, like I hacked my mind, "warranty void" firmware modded now. I'm Not sure what this whole post is good for, but I'm sure it is informative to someone. enjoy!

    P.S. was any of what I experienced on this normal? Any of this madness? Why did it only activate after I smoked up, or was it delayed and just a coincidence? I am new to all of this.
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    One tab generally isn't a whole lot and weed can potentiate low doses in particular, that's likely why you didnt feel much until smoking weed. The novel connections, profound realizations, and altered perceptions are all characteristic of a quality LSD trip. I enjoyed reading, thanks for posting.

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