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Discussion in 'Psychedelics' started by Sugar Magnolia, May 9, 2004.

  1. my friend wants to eat shrooms for the first time at a festival. do you think this is a good idea? i know it depends on the person but i just don't know if tripping for the first time with 90,000 other people around is good. i like tripping with big groups of people bc i can always change who i'm chilling with and stuff but i know some people like to trip with just them and one other person. i just don't want her to start freaking out if she can't handle it
  2. shutterfly

    shutterfly Member

    It's probably not the best way for her to trip for her first time but if you explain to her that mushrooms feed on ones anxiety and she's aware of this it'll go much smoother for her. Make sure she knows that not everyone will know she's trippin' like it will seem to her. And If you don't mind babysittin' her for a while she should be fine. Make sure you've got some herb on hand to level her out a bit too.. and just give her a little to start. She can always eat more if she's diggin' where they're taking her. Good luck and have fun! Keep us posted on how it goes.
  3. TreePhiend

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    the first time I did shrooms was at a phish concet with 20,000 people, really at this point, there is no diffrence between 20,000 and 90,000 people, both cases its a huge crowd. I loved that trip, I wouldn't have done it any other way. If she is psyched to do shrooms and psyched for the festival then she should be very happy and this should help ensure a good trip. If she dose not like crowds or if the music is depressing or if the crowd starts getting out of control it is really not a good place to be while on shrooms for the first time. If you explain how important her frame of mind is to her trip and she still feel comfrortable tripping with that many people then there is no reason why she shouldn't.
  4. bertrose

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    Maybe if she was used to tripping she might enjoy it at a concert...but for ur first time i wouldn't do it...ur first time should be peaceful and spirtual not at a concert where people are everywhere

  5. Fractual_

    Fractual_ cosmos factory

    from my experience i would say no, especially if its her first time trippin.

    one time i ate some fungus before a wailers concert, and ended up leaving before the concert even started!

    shrooms are far from a party drug.
  6. pufferfish

    pufferfish Member

    was at rodeo with about 2000 people and it was great but that being said it was the right time for me and I have a strong mind so I cant say yes give your friend shrooms and I cant say dont give him any its up to your friend...

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