First time experiences with Butylone and MDPV (IV)

Discussion in 'Synthetic Drugs' started by Dust in the Wind, Jun 25, 2013.

  1. I was waiting for some pure coke to arrive and in the anticipation of Dwaiting I started thinking of what I might be able to do to relieve this anticipation of trying this pure coke. I've never done any RC's except 2c-b, however I'm deep into the scene and over the years have amassed a collection of 2c-p, 2c-e, 2c-b (pure powder and the bee tabs), aMT, 5-MeO-DMT, MDPV, Butylone, jwh-xxx, DiPT, MDAI, and i'm sure there's a few others in my bag of vials that I can't remember because I've had them all for years and never touched any of them.

    Anyways, I couldn't wait for this coke so I did some research and decided MDPV would be the best alternative for coke from the selection of chems I have. I'm a "go hard or go home" kind of drug user and decided to IV my MDPV. I started out with 2-3mg, and re-dosed several times never exceeding 4mg. That shit fucked with my heart though and made it feel rhythmless and erratic. Because of the fiendish nature of the drug that i've read so much about, it didn't stop me and I prolly ended up doing 25mg IV before calling it quits. I used valium at the end of the night and it helped a little. This shit fucked with the muscles in my back and when I returned to work the next day I was completely useless because my entire back hurt so bad. (my job requires a lot of lifting and carrying heavy items)

    Luckily, I only had a 100mg sample of this substance and even though I still did it a couple more days, it didn't take long before it was gone. So tonight around 6pm I finished the last ~8mg of MDPV in one shot and immediately took ~15mg of diazepam (I say around 15mg because it's pure diaz powder and I just lick the tip of my pinky and dip it in the bag and suck on my finger. over the past couple years i've gotten very good at determining my dosage using this method even though that probably sounds careless to most people) This helped with anxiety but I still had heart flutters and shit and my heart rate was about 120bpm. So around 9:30p.m. I take a little more diazepam powder because my heart rate is still on the high side.

    At 1:00 a.m. with my MDPV all gone and my heart rate almost back to normal, I went through my RC bag and found what I thought would be the next best thing, Butylone. I started out with a low dose (~10mg IV'd) and that didn''t really do shit. I took a little more diazepam so I could go higher with the Butylone and hopefully leave the negative effects behind that ive read so much about. I re-dosed with 20-30mg every hour or so until about 5a.m.

    I'm not sure if it was the diazepam, or if I was just taking too low of a dose, but I definitely thought I'd get more fucked up from the Butylone. I know it's weaker than MDMA but I was certainly expecting more. From the reports I've read it seems that Butylone has more of a stimulating effect than Methylone, Mephedrone, MDPV, etc. however my heart rate never topped 100bpm and I haven't done shit besides watch
    some TV.

    If anyone can share some experiences with their IV butylone doses and consequential effects I'd greatly appreciate it. I want to go higher, but I also know RC's are dangerous to inject and am trying to approach with as much caution as possible. I would have gone higher with my doses but since I was re-dosing at least once an hour I figured it would add on to the last shot I'd taken, but maybe that last shot had already worn off?

    There's VERY VERY LITTLE information about IV use of butylone (and most RC's for that matter) so if anyone could please share their experiences I think myself and the rest of the world would benefit greatly from it.
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    As a obligatory disclaimer I suggest you be very cautious with these chems as most of them have little to no info on this ROA... With that said,

    I have Iv'd MDMA but not butylone. I took 40 mgs IV MDMA, so maybe 50 mgs butylone may be decent.

    Intramuscular 2cb is amazing!
  3. I have IV'd pure MDMA as well (as pure as you can get, they were moon rocks [2oz boulders of crystal MDMA] from Holland) and found the experience quite pleasurable if you just looking for a nice night inside the house by yourself. It doesn't last long but for certain situations I think IV MDMA can be a lot better experience than most of the stories you find on the internet. (Do not inject MDMA if you are unsure of purity! Every chemical I receive is tested by two different sources to determine contents/purity which is a luxury most people do not have access to) I think most people are expecting the experience to be similar to taking MDMA orally which is not the case at all. However, depending on the set/setting, IVĂ­ng pure MDMA can be a great experience. If you're going to a concert or party/club then I would def. not recommend doing MDMA intravenously, but if you're home alone and just wanna feel good for a couple hours then IV is definitely the way to go. This is the next day and all I've had for breakfast is some pizza and a couple shots of vodka and a couple glasses of water. Gonna try to IV the butylone again and see how it is without any diazepam in my system.

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