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Discussion in 'Gay' started by Mwanttosample, Jun 14, 2006.

  1. Mwanttosample

    Mwanttosample Member

    Just wondering if you used rubbers during anal and oral sex?

  2. KewlDewd66

    KewlDewd66 Member

    ISP has died on me. sorry.
  3. KewlDewd66

    KewlDewd66 Member

    Nope. At that time and day, there was no AIDS and few people knew about Hepatitis C. The Almighty Penicillin was there, if you caught something revolting and that was pretty much it.

    Str8 dudes had to wear a rubber in order to make sure, nobody got pregnant and dental bills were not coming in too soon.

    Most likely, a huge initial spreadout of HIV among the gay population did not only have to do with the idea that gay men were (and God Knows, that was true) very promiscious but that they felt, there was no need for any protection anyway. A deadly error, as it turned out.

  4. KewlDewd66

    KewlDewd66 Member

    Sorry, repeated posting.
  5. bkcmar

    bkcmar keep those feet bare

    No, I am 44. I came of age a few years before anyone had heard of AIDS. However, in this day and age please use a rubber during anal sex. During oral sex I never have used a rubber and never will.

    Because of the cocktail, many guys are barebacking. Do not take that the risk. That dick many be wonderful tonight. However, is that fuck worth your life. I'm not scolding you but, as the majority of gay men my age and older, I know more people who have died (of the AIDS virus) than who are alive.

    Peace, love, and long life baby.
  6. For my first time we did use protection, turns out he was the kind who slept around but at least he was smart about it. He's actually coming into town in two weeks, I haven't seen him in six years.
  7. whereami

    whereami Member

    My first few times,we never did as it was with a male cousin who was a virgin & he was ther first to ever fuck me. We were around 13 or so. Of course,as I started to experiment more with strangers or people I had no clue of their sexual history,yes I always used protection. I'm sure barebacking feels better then with a rubber but it's not worth it to me. A dick is a dick & feels great in my ass no matter what.
  8. Patrick

    Patrick Member

    yes for anal I always use a rubber. Not worth risking my life. But I have given blowjobs with no condom many times and even had the guy cum in my mouth.

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