First time being attracted to a woman?

Discussion in 'Coming Out and Confused!' started by dcshoeco66, Sep 12, 2013.

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    I'm a 20 year old female, living in the States. I've never done anything romantic with another person, male or female; I've never even been kissed. Throughout my entire life, I've had crushes on men and have only been attracted to males. That is, up until now.

    I've recently returned from a music tour that took us overseas. Within a week into it, I started noticing our accompanist in a different light. She's 35. I've always found her a bit intimidating, but discovered that she isn't too scary after all - she's actually a sweetheart. She has long blonde hair, an amazing body, plays piano and is also a great drummer, sings, does that sexy smoulder face, and is overall beautiful.. I can't get her out of my head.

    I realize now that I've never really met anyone like her. I've always completely rejected the idea of being with a woman, but not now. Has she 'turned me somewhat gay'? Is this even possible? At the same time, I find myself still checking out handsome males regularly- on the street, for example.

    I have a few potential issues, though. She is quite private about her life, doesn't open up to people often, and is religious (music head of a Lutheran church) as well. I am pretty sure that she is single, but have no way of finding out if she likes men or women. Is this even a real crush? On top of that, I feel like even if she was indeed single and into women, I don't think she'd even go for me since I'm so much younger and probably views me as a child. Just my thoughts.. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks : )
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    I have the feeling that when you feel attracted to one person (and I mean in real life, not pictures or films you see) there is some kind of connection. 99% of the men I've felt attracted to in my life turned out to be gay or bi. Try to know her better and things will come out naturally.

    As for your feelings, you can be bi, or straight or lesbian. Some people disagree, but my personal opinion is that you never know until you actually try, some things are so good in our heads, then when you try them, they're just not for you. And this is true for many many things, not just for sex.
    Anyway, if you feel attracted to her, go for it and don't regret it. That doesn't make you a lesbian, you might be bi or even a "straight" woman that sometimes feels attracted to a few special girls.
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    I love this because it shows that some people are not bound to a sexuality but can just be linked to a certain person. So that's cool to hear. Sounds like you've developed an infatuation/crush or what have you. You should definitely try to get to know her better and go from there by exploring your emotions more and see what your heart is trying to tell you. And you know, who knows? Age ain't nuthin but a number. And that's the truth.

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