First Post....Loved meeting you guys Q'Day

Discussion in 'Amsterdam' started by skyhigh420, Jun 19, 2006.

  1. skyhigh420

    skyhigh420 Member

    Hey guys figured I would finally post here and start by saying it was great to meet some of you guys in Amsterdam for Q'Day this year. The boat trips rocked, the various meetups were always good, great herb all around and you guys are all (well mostly.. lol) great people. Hope to do it again next year!!
    For anyone whom I didn't amsterdam, has been my only vacation spot since i got hooked in 97...smoke it up and rock on!
    Now that the ice is broken you'll be seeing ...reading anyway....more from me.

    Bill (& Christine)
    aka skyhigh420

    PS Mike nice job on all the pics man looking great!!
  2. mopperm1

    mopperm1 Member

    there you are! how the hell are you two doing?[​IMG]

    We had a great time with you and christine and hope to see you next year. I've sent CD's with the pics to all the pigs except you and if you PM me your address I'll send one out to you. I know you also got lots of film and pics, how did they come out? you had that camcorder stuck to your head the majority of the cruise, between you and james we should have a full length movie! We'll keep you in the loop on the PM side of things for next year my fellow pigs. keep in touch bill..............later gator
  3. koopa

    koopa De Kuil Krue Hipster

    hey skyhigh,

    had an absolute BLAST chilling with ya in XXX! The pic CD's from mopperm are great man you should definately snag one. Give my love to the Mrs. and to the pets........ we should get together for another BBQ (unless your horseshoed out :)

  4. mopperm1

    mopperm1 Member

    got your address bill and will send out the pics and banner for you and chris to sign...gotta send it back though. take care skyhigh piggie, will keep you in the loop
  5. lctricity

    lctricity Member

    Welcome to the "HIP" Forum skyhigh!

    Glad to see you finally made it over for a bit.

    Tell Christine we send our best and hope to catch you fine folks next time around.

    Rock N' Roll My Piggies!

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